What exactly is an Outlier?

“An outlier is the person who doesn’t fit into our normal understanding of achievement.”
-Malcolm Gladwell

In his groundbreaking book, Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell outlined a definition of success we feel describes the community that is the heart of CrossFit Fringe. The word “Fringe” itself means “an outer edge; margin; or periphery.” It couldn’t be more symbiotic.

We believe success is the result of not only the individual, but the culture, community and family that surrounds us. Too often we look at the tall trees, when we should focus on the strength of the forest. Our community typifies that.

We believe that weakness is not failure, but an ongoing opportunity to learn more about ourselves and one another. We seek to constantly learn, not only from our coaches but one another. In using what we’ve learned to help others, we believe it knits us closer together.

We are a diverse community that includes people from all backgrounds. Some of us have been elite athletes, others enjoy fitness in their spare time and some are discovering their fitness for the first time. We are hard-working members of the military, parents, students, public servants, business owners, …and so many more.

We not only love our CrossFit community, but our CoMO community as well. We started a tradition early on called Friday Night Lights, and in-house competition that was originally created to allow us to spend time with those in other classes we didn’t feel we didn’t see enough. It’s evolved into a monthly event that raises money for local charities and non-profits. Its something we take great pride in, and it’s grown to involve other local CrossFit boxes and members of the community. We also enjoy service projects and volunteering in the community as well.

We foster a uniquely inclusive environment. We get to know one another in classes and socialize both in and outside of the gym. We are immensely supportive of one another in both the goals that encompass fitness and those that just deal with daily life. While we enjoy competing, and our workouts are timed and competitive, it is all done in a supportive and team-oriented environment.

Finally, we love meeting new people, so we hope you’ll consider stopping in and getting to know our community!