Head Trainer/Sponsored Athlete

Angelo Fosco - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MOCrossFit Level 1
Choy Lay Fut Level 1
Bachelors of Science in Secondary Math Education
Previous owner of CrossFit Gravity (2011-2014)
OPEX Big Dawg blog group leader

I have used functional strength and conditioning training for the past 6 years to train myself and others.  Athletically I have a background playing College D1 MCLA Lacrosse, kickboxing, and CrossFit.  I received post season honors in lacrosse, finished 2nd in an international kickboxing competition in Dallas, and have competed at the North Central CrossFit regional as an individual in 2011, 2012, and 2013 where my top overall finish was 22nd.  I followed the big dawg blog for 3 years and helped oversee the ‘will’ program of the blog (geared towards professional athletes/CrossFitters) as a ‘group leader.’

I owned and ran a strength and conditioning gym in Chicago called Gravity Fitness Strength and Conditioning for 3 years, 2 of which I was CrossFit affiliated.  I’ve coached and continue coaching Division 1 collegiate athletes (swimming), semi-professional football players, national level triathlon athletes, CrossFit athletes and general fitness enthusiasts.  Over the 3 years owning Gravity Fitness I’ve written hundreds of individual designs and micro-cycles.  Afterwards I brought my talents to Massif Athletics where I helped assist with a peak 52 athlete individual designs as well as manage up to 20 athletes of my own.  I have specialized in Individualized Program Design the past 4 years and look forward to applying my knowledge at CrossFit Fringe.

Recent Competitions

CrossFit Games North Central Regional 2013 – WD due to injury, Individual (Tore UCL 80%)
CrossFit Games North Central Regional 2011 – 22nd place, Individual
CrossFit Games North Central Regional 2012 – 31st place, Individual
Winter Galt Games 2014 – 3rd Place

Some fun facts:

Favorite WOD: “Fran”
Least favorite WOD: Deadlift+Box Jump couplets
Best WOD music: Skillet/Country