Getting Started at CrossFit Fringe

Whether you are finding fitness for the first time or after a hiatus – we can help.

At CrossFit Fringe, we consider ourselves Outliers in our methodology and approach to fitness. From expert coaching on the skill evolution of complex movements, to seminars in nutrition and competition programming, we focus on being extraordinarily effective in diverse, ever-evolving methodology to help our clients realize their potential not only in fitness but life.

While we understand being eager to hit the ground running toward your fitness goals, we want to ensure you have the best chance of success. We encourage you to first attend a free class and tour our facility with our staff. Attend as many trial classes as you wish, and then sign up for our comprehensive CrossFit Elements program or test out if you are an experienced athlete. Once you complete Elements, you are ready to join regular classes!

Learn more about each step below:

Step No.

01. Attend Our Free Trial Classes

CrossFit Fringe offers trial classes every Tuesday at 6:00 PM (Fringe West) and Saturday at 11:30 AM (Fringe East). Each 1-hour class will take a brief look at some of the constantly varied functional movements we utilize in our training methodology, followed by a workout guided by one of our coaches. Attend one class or several, no experience necessary!

How to attend:
Dress in clothing suitable for athletic activity! Arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of class to get checked in and acquaint yourself with your coach.

Sign up for a Trial Class

Step No.

02. CrossFit Elements or Test Out

Our proven CrossFit Fringe Elements program is designed to best acclimate you to the proper technique and efficiency of movements, as well as introduce you to our classes, community, and coaching. Please see below for our Elements program options and check out our schedule of upcoming group sessions!

Testing Out:
If you are not new to CrossFit or have experience with the movements and methodology, please contact us about scheduling a test-out session.

Need help finding your best option? Schedule a consultation and let’s chat!

Sign up for CrossFit Elements

Step No.

03. Choose Your Membership Option

Once you complete your Elements session or Test Out of Elements, you are ready to choose your membership option and get started in our classes! Utilize our Plans & Prices page to see our options and speak with our staff about the option that is right for you!

Plans & Pricing Information

Our CrossFit Elements Program Options

Group Elements

Our Group Elements format is built into your first month’s membership at CrossFit Fringe. It’s tailored by class size in a 6 (2-4 participant) and 9 (5-10 participant) session program. Each session is 1 hour of work designed like a normal CrossFit class that includes warm-up, skills, workout and discussion. Classes meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in either the morning or evening depending on program schedule.

Check out our current schedule of Group Elements Session dates. 

Hybrid Elements

Our Hybrid Elements format is perfect for those who want to participate in the Group Elements program but has scheduling conflicts with several session times or desires personalized attention for certain skills or progressions. These missed or added skill session times will be conducted 1-on-1 with an Elements coach at a time that is convenient for the athlete!

Private Elements

Our Private/One-on-One Elements format is 6 1-hr sessions perfect for athletes who want more attention -or- those that have a busy schedule and need the most flexibility! We schedule all sessions to your availability, offering a 100% tailored experience that moves at your pace. You will work one-on-one alongside a coach to assure you are safely and efficiently able to graduate seamlessly into our regular CrossFit classes.

Participation length varies, but it’s an excellent option for those looking to begin classes as soon as possible. Completion time: 2-3 weeks.

The CrossFit Fringe Elements Difference

An exceptional experience

We take pride in our approach to introducing new and returning athletes to CrossFit in a safe and highly effective program that makes transition to regular classes seamless!

Set Goals

Let us help you define what motivates you, as well as your current strengths, areas to improve, opportunities to grow, and SMART goals.

Refine and Improve

Learn proper movement patterns, improve your range of motion, and begin the progressions and scales to achieve better lifts and gymnastics.

Learn Movements and Technique

Our Elements program covers CrossFit’s 9 Foundational Movements that include Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and powerlifting, as well as the fundamental CrossFit methodology of fitness and approach to programming.

Feed Your Brain

Enjoy discussions and consultation in areas of nutrition, optimal rest and recovery, mobilization, equipment use, mental strength and how to approach each workout!

CrossFit Elements FAQ

Why is CrossFit Elements important?

If you are new to CrossFit, our Elements program in one of our three formats is how you begin your first month at CrossFit Fringe. Our proven program is designed to best acclimate you to the proper technique, scales and progressions of movements, as well as introduce you to our classes, community, and coaching staff. It is the prerequisite to entering regular classes.

We offer our CrossFit Elements program in three options for your convenience (learn about each below):

  • Group Elements
  • Hybrid Elements
  • Private (one-on-one) Elements

How are Elements sessions structured?

We structure each 60-minute session to mirror what you would see in a normal class. We begin with a warm-up, work on the skills and strength movements programmed for the day, and then finish with a WOD (“workout of the day”) that utilizes these movements and skills to reinforce them. We then close out the session with mobility and short discussion of topics pertinent to entering regular classes and maximizing your first few months to year of CrossFit!

What happens after our Elements session?

Once you complete your Elements session (Group, Hybrid, or Private) we begin your integration into our group classes. Our Elements team coaches work with your optimal training schedule and our scheduled coaches to staff additional help and support for your first weeks in our group classes. We conduct follow-ups by email and phone to check-in on you, and as we are athletes ourselves, we work to put ourselves in your classes to check on your progress.

Questions? Let's start a conversation!

We know starting a new fitness regime or joining a gym can be intimidating. We’re here to help! Whether by email, phone, or in-person consultation, we’ll help you find the best path forward.

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Experienced CrossFitter? Testing Out Option

If you are not new to CrossFit, just CrossFit Fringe, please contact us about scheduling a test-out session. If you are confident and comfortable performing basic gymnastics movements (i.e. pull-ups, dips, handstands), power lifts and Olympic lifts (i.e. clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift, squat), you can request permission to test out of the CrossFit Elements program and gain immediate access to our regular group classes. We will happily accept referrals from previous coaches on your behalf (

Please note: We have a strict no refund policy (extraordinary circumstances exempt) with our CrossFit Elements program. You may join any CrossFit Elements within 6-months of payment if circumstances arise that withdraw you from your current enrollment.