CrossFit Fringe’s CrossFit Kids program is in full-swing for 2017 in Columbia MO. We currently offer two different class formats for young CrossFitters, ages 4-14. We will also be evaluating athlete progress and working toward building a CrossFit Teen class to begin training as soon as possible.

CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Fringe offers two formats:

  • CrossFit Kids Juniors (CFK Juniors)
  • CrossFit Kids Varsity (CFK Varsity).

Learn more about our experienced CrossFit Kids Trainers, Tyler Lasley, Kelly MacNevin, and Matt Kitzi.

"Just a shout out to the CrossFit Kids coaches. Landon did sit-up testing today and got 80 reps, the most in his 3rd-grade class. I asked him how tired he got and he casually said, "I was pumped, just getting started....I was getting tired but said no to the voice in my head."

Doug CalhounMember

CrossFit Kids Juniors

Classes are 20-30 minutes long and are designed for kids ages 4 and up or those new to fitness and movement. And while there is no specific age limit on these classes, kids over 8 years of age are typically prepared for the CFK Varsity Program.

CFK Juniors offers shortened, tailored class times to focus on the learning capacity of younger children. In CFK Juniors, young athletes will learn basic CrossFit skills, stay on the move for the entire class, and play interactive games that incorporate a wide range of skills.

The cohesive class environment and structured curriculum of CFK Juniors will build a foundation for fitness at an appropriate pace without leaving participants feeling thrown into competition with much older and more developed kids.


  • CFK Juniors Class Times: Thursdays at 6pm and Sundays at 3:30pm
  • CFK Juniors Ages: Age is not the key factor (learning capacity and attention span are most significant), but generally ages 4-7.

Learn more by visiting the official CrossFit Kids website.



Classes are for upper elementary and middle school-aged kids who move well and demonstrate a capacity for basic CrossFit skills. All fitness levels are welcome at CFK Varsity, though 8-9 year-old kids who are inexperienced in movement and fitness may benefit from the basic movements and concepts offered in our CFK Juniors course.

Each 40-50 minute CFK Varsity class will feature: 1) a significant warm-up; 2) specific skill work including gymnastics and body weight movements, as well as introductions to general barbell and weightlifting work (deadlift stances, front-rack positions, med-ball cleans, etc.); 3) a daily WOD; and 4) a game or other event to reinforce newly acquired skills.

CFK Varsity participants need to have demonstrated familiarity with group settings and collaborative teamwork, as well as the ability to be coached and follow directions. Classes are integrated, with kids as young as 7 or 8 years old with advanced skill level working alongside older classmates who are ready to begin weight training. Capacity, attention-span, and attitude, above age or raw ability, are the best predictors of when a child will enjoy and succeed in CFK Varsity classes.

CrossFit Fringe coaches will also be scouting and developing CrossFit Kids participants in hopes of offering a CrossFit Teens program at the box soon.


  • CFK Varsity Class Times: Thursday at 6:30pm and Sundays at 4:00 pm
  • CFK Varsity Ages: Age is not the key factor (learning capacity and attention span are most significant), but generally ages 8-14