Fringe Vitality

NEW! Starting October 2017, every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 to 1130 a.m. at Fringe West!

Fringe Vitality, our newest class offering, is specifically for older adults, ages 50+. In addition to increased metabolic and cardiovascular fitness, this program will offer athletes a focus on improving mobility, balance, agility, strength, and confidence for all daily activities. This class may also appeal to those who are severely deconditioned and feel they need more of a learning curve before starting regular CrossFit classes.

While there is no specific age limit for this program, we think it may appeal to those athletes who find themselves well into adulthood without previous sport or exercise experience.

Spread the word! Tell your family, colleagues, and friends about this new Fringe fitness opportunity. If you have questions about Vitality, you can email or use the button below! Coaches Sam, Liz and Libby have created and sponsored the development of this program, and we really appreciate all their efforts!

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