CrossFit Classes

Our CrossFit classes are perfect for athletes looking for a change of pace from the standard gym experience!

Our small group CrossFit classes focus on keeping your workouts short and manageable for busy schedules, typically lasting under 1 hour. During this time, you will be led through a dynamic warm-up, and will be hit with constantly varied, functional movements that will be different every day. Some days, classes may focus on strength elements like the back squat or deadlift. Other days may focus on skill development such as gymnastic movements like handstands or pull-ups.

Every day will challenge you in unique ways you never thought possible. But you will be constantly under the care and guidance of a coach who has as much passion for fitness as you will come to have.

Our programming is developed in-house by our training staff, and constantly evolves around the needs and goals of the community. Additionally, we offer special seminars for additional enrichment for those looking to take skills to the next level.

Childcare is available for select classes.

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