CrossFit Membership Options

Please note: Prices for new members are subject to change at any time. 

UnlimitedMost Popular

$ 150

Per Month
  • Unlimited CrossFit Class Attendance
  • Unlimited Open Gym
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3 Days Per Week

$ 135

Per Month
  • 3 CrossFit Classes Per Week
  • No Open Gym Access
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10 Class Punch Card

$ 135

Per 10 Visits
  • 10 CrossFit classes for $13.50/class
  • Does not include Open Gym or Specialty Classes and Seminars

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Students, Couples & Active MilitaryAWESOME Value

$ 135

Per Month
  • Unlimited Class Attendance
  • Unlimited Open Gym
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Cancellation, Holds, Additional Fees & Discounts

  • To cancel a membership: a 2 week written notice (e-mail) for cancellation is required
  • To place a hold on membership: a 2 week written notice is required
    • The absence must be 2 weeks or longer
    • We will extend 1 hold per calendar year
  • All declined auto-pays incur a $20 processing fee


Free TrialTry a class!


First Visit
  • 1 Trial Class for local Columbia and surrounding area residents
  • Consultation with coach
  • This offer does not apply to traveling CrossFitters, sorry guys!
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$ 15

Per Visit
  • We Love Visitors!
  • 2 drop-ins: $15 each or a shirt purchase
  • 4+ drop-ins: Let’s talk!
  • Bring us a shirt from your box (optional but loved)
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$ 3

Per Child Per Day
  • Ability to purchase sessions of childcare as needed
  • Flexibility to train while the kids play!

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Open Gym

$ 100

Per Month
  • Access to Open Gym only
  • Classes available for additional charge

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Element Packages/ Entry Packages

Formerly ``Basics``

Group ElementsLearn CrossFit in a small class setting

$ 150

  • 6-9 x 1-hour group sessions + 3 orientation sessions
  • Cozy small-group setting of no more than 10 athletes
  • Goal assessment and orientation
  • Learn the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit + additional used in our programming
  • Class discussions on topics including nutrition, recovery, mobilization and proper rest

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Private ElementsLearn CrossFit One-on-One

$ 250

  •  6 x 1-hour one-on-one sessions with a coach chosen for your goals and needs
  • Goal assessment and nutrition consulting
  • Programming tailored to your skill level and progression
  • Learn the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit + additional used in our programming
  • Consultations and coach follow-up on nutrition, recovery, mobilization, and proper rest

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Due to the staffing and programming requirements, we do not offer discounts on the CrossFit Elements program, nor do we offer accelerated programming to expedite your entry into regular classes. This is in the best interest of your safety and complete preparedness for transition into classes. Contact us for details about the next CrossFit Elements session.


Children of Non-Members

  • 1 child: $90 per month
  • 2 children: $155 per month
  • 3-4 children: $230 per month

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Children of Members

  • 1 child: $75 per month
  • 2 children: $125 per month
  • 3-4 children: $190 per month

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Price varies per coach and session. Please see our staff selection and read through their bios. Once you have found a coach you’d like to meet with to discuss options and prices, please send us an email to set up a meeting.As a general rule, our rates are a follows:

As a general rule, our rates are a follows:

One hour session:

  • Non-member initial Session $75. Additional Sessions $65 (must be purchased as a package)
  • Member initial Session $55. Additional Session $50 (must be purchased as a package)

*Each coach sets his/her own pricing, and small group rates are available

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Sport Team and Athletic Performance
Our staff consists of former collegiate athletes with a rich and diverse background in sport. Our diverse previous experiences give us a unique ability to train athletes in customized sport-specific programs that focus on the physical, as well as mental aspects that accompany elite performance.  The multifaceted approach we take, combined with your vision for success and clearly defined goals set us apart from all others. From youth athletes to college teams, CrossFit Fringe has the ability to meet your team and individual needs.

Team Building and Wellness Programs
CrossFit Fringe offers the perfect, safe atmosphere to help you build camaraderie, communication and problem solving skills. From one time events to a structured wellness program, we can develop the perfect way to compliment your current endeavors.

We know that at the core of every successful organization is an amazing team. The strongest leaders are constantly looking for new ways to invest in the strengths of their team members. Implementing a wellness program, working to building chemistry and overcome obstacles in a fun environment can be a defining moment for your team.

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