1st Day of Handstand Work!

Main – Specialty

This progression will be more advanced each week. There are scaled options under Rx to give everyone the opportunity to do work!

A: Metcon (No Measure)

Rx: These are to be done for FORM and TECHNIQUE, not speed.

10 Rounds:

1 Wall Walks

2 Tuck Ups

3 Def. Hand-Release Push Ups

4 Supermans

Scaled: Same as Rx.

Wall-Walk: Goals is to go from a Lying Push-Up Position with feet at the wall to a vertical position with chest against the wall, and WALK (not fall or cartwheel) back down.

Tuck Ups: Start in an arms at your side hollow-body position. Tuck your knee’s into your chest and your chest forward (much like a V-Up) and maintain your hands at your sides. Hold for 1 count, and return to hollow position.

Def. Hand-Release Push-Ups: Rx is 45lb Plates, Scaled is 25lb Plates

B: Metcon (No Measure)

2 Sets

30 Left-Right Shifts (On Box)

-In a piked position on a box or on the floor, position your torso vertically over your hands (as though in your handstand). Shift your body weight primarily to your left hand, hold for a count, then shift the weight primarily into your right hand in a back and fourth style. Each side you should hold for a count. It is OK to break these sets.

C: Metcon (Time)

Accumulate 4 Minutes Chest-to-Wall Handstand Hold.

-Must hold for a minimum of 10 seconds for the hold to count.

-Scaled: Pike position on a box or the floor. While in the hold, you can add an extra difficulty to the movement by extending one leg straight and off the box and then alternating with the other leg.