2015 CrossFit Games Open Wrap


2015 CrossFit Games Open

The new year brought on the much-anticipated 2015 CrossFit Games Open season for us at The Outlier. This year we decided to shake things up, and took a chance on something a little new and different: an in-house intramural competition. In an effort to get more participation, we thought a little in in-house competition could spice things up, and boy did it ever! Our roster grew to nearly 90 individuals! That’s close to 75% of our members showing their stuff and competing with the rest of the world.

Meet the Teams!

We chose four amazing captains who drafted and built rosters of talented and motivated athletes — but in the end there could be only 1 team atop the podium. It was a fight tooth and nail, with teams showing their creative spirit in different ways. We had The Body Snatchers tagging vehicle windows with their initials (ALL the WINDOWS in the parking lot…) and bringing the noise weekly. Chalk Dirty to Me covered an entire wall with their name making it visible from outer space (seriously the letters were like 7′ tall). Vitamin #ZFG had handmade signs up (but in sticking to their moniker didn’t want to do too much, #ZFG after all). And Snatch in the Box put up over 40 signs throughout Fringe (which we’re STILL finding in different places…).

But as everyone knows, there’s only 1 winner. Without further adieu here are the team rankings:

In Fourth, we have Snatch in the Box – sorry guys, maybe next year.

In Third, Chalk Dirty to Me – not a bad showing for the rookie captain.

In Second, Vitamin #ZFG – with their name, they’re probably not upset.

And as you probably guessed — the winners of this year’s inaugural 2015 CrossFit Fringe Open Intramural Competition are:


As mentioned the winning team is privy to a pretty wicked prize:

Instead of finding 20-something smaller prizes, we thought that bragging rights are in order. So following their team photo, The Body Snatchers will be immortalized on the walls of The Outlier with a plaque stating their domination of this year’s event. From this year forward, we will add to this plaque, forever showcasing the winners.

2bodysnatchers (1)

Special thanks to Coaches Keel and Jessica for their organizational efforts, as well keeping play fair; to each team captain: Kathy Sharp of “The Body Snatchers,” Erica Hopkins-Wadlow of “Vitamin #ZFG,” Michael Crawford of “Snatch in the Box,” and Kristen Paquette of “Chalk Dirty to Me;” to our friend Chris Collins at Top Drawer Customs for his great help getting our teams geared out; and to all those that participated and made this the best Open to date!