2017 Whole30/Nutrition Challenge starts January 15th

2017 Whole30/Nutrition Challenge - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

Ready your menus and get ready to stock your fridge!We are excited to announce that we will again be doing a Whole30/Hybrid Nutrition Challenge beginning January 15!

Our Whole30/Hybrid Nutrition Challenge is the culmination of several years of feedback. While we continue to be excited and supportive of those willing to complete 30 days of strict Whole30, we recognize the reality of busy lives and the desire for “best fit” solutions, which is why we’ve added hybrid Nutrition Challenge options to be inclusive of everyone!

All options are a part of a 30-day nutrition challenge that prioritizes healthy eating and better habits. Par for course, you’ll make it your goal to eat lean meats, plenty of veggies, some fruit. and good fats. While dedicating 30 days toward resetting your digestive system is a good start, we believe that the best results will come from longer dedication, as well as learning what personally works for you and your long-term goals through continued experimentation.

Note: If you attended the Informational Meeting, the information we covered as well as the contract and measurement forms can be found in our Nutrition Challenge PDF.

The Base Whole30 Program:

Who should choose this option?

People who have never done a nutrition challenge or those nostalgic peeps who have been with us a few years and like the original challenge.

What is Whole30?

Here is a brief overview and the guidelines for Whole30 based on their book It Starts with Food (if you’d like access to a copy, see us!). It includes the rules for what you must cut out, as well as some fine print exceptions to the rules. While I prefer not to focus on the “can’t,” omitting all of these foods and beverages will help you regain your healthy metabolism, reduce systemic inflammation, and enable you to see just how these foods are impacting your health, fitness, and quality of life.

The good news is that what you can eat is so numerous I can’t fit it all in the post! Being on a mostly Paleo diet myself, it’s changed not only my relationship with food, but my ability to cook it as well.

Whole30 + 3 Exceptions:

Who should choose this option?

People who have been with us and are looking to “reset” by doing the base Whole30 program with 3 exceptions (like rice, oatmeal, etc) to make it a little more palatable for training.

What’s the gist of this option?

Take the base guidelines of Whole30 and add back three items now allowed in the base program.

As we said above, a lot of the feedback we’ve received over the years about the challenge lies in people just not being able to commit to doing 30 days of strict Whole30. Whether they just desire to add rice/quinoa to meals, or prefer to cook with butter or drink whole milk, it’s typically just a few items that are already whole/unprocessed holding them back from doing the challenge. We definitely get it, so two years ago we beta-tested a Hybrid option to the challenge, and it was a hit!

Simply choose your 3 exception items, add them to our hybrid contract and sign your name. These should be whole/unprocessed items, no beer, gummy bears, or donuts!

New for 2017! Track Your Macros:

Who should choose this option?

People who are experienced or familiar with eating utilizing macro calculations, just want the added accountability.

What’s the gist of this option?

This option is perfect for those who are further along in their journeys and already following a set of macros, either those you’ve calculated for yourself using a website or that have been done for you by Tyler or another nutritionist. You can also try this option if you feel comfortable with the concept of tracking your food/nutrition by this method and just need help defining a workable base set to follow.

Simply write your calculations into our Hybrid contract and sign your name. We hope that even with this option, you work to prioritize the best content/quality in your food as possible.

Here is the timeline for the challenge, which will run from January 15-February 13. In addition to the dates below, we are also working with Go for Fit Fuel for some additional fun tastings!

  • Now through January 14: Sign-up for this year’s challenge at the front desk or Push Press, or email [email protected].
  • January 7: Informational Meeting at 10:30 am at West. During this meeting, we will discuss all the specifics of the challenge options and answer all your questions.
  • January 15 at 12AM: The Whole30/Hybrid Nutrition Challenge begins!
  • Halfway Community Potluck: January 28th at Noon at East! Nothing boosts the mood during the hardest part of the challenge like a potluck where you don’t have to do all the cooking yourself!
  • Closing Community Potluck: February 18th at Noon at West! Gym-wide community potluck where you will receive an awesome t-shirt for finishing, as well as the chance to win prizes depending on how well you did!

The cost to participate in the challenge is $50 with a special challenge edition t-shirt included. Seriously, these t-shirts have been highly coveted the past few years, definitely well worth completing a 4-week challenge for. With your $50 entry, you also have the chance to receive 1/2 back for 100% compliance, and the opportunity to win additional prizes (to be announced) for best overall results! You will also get: I won’t mince words. Even with exceptions, the challenge as written is strict, and we are asking you to fully commit yourself to 30 days with no cheats, slip-ups, bites, or exceptions. But it’s only 30 days, a small period in your life that can net amazing results and create a new and healthier relationship with food. Additionally, what we’ve seen over the past few years is that after the challenge amazing support groups continued to build off the momentum of the Challenge to encourage one another to maintain healthy habits and share meal plans and ideas!

Sign-up now for the Full or Hybrid Nutrition Challenge options for this year’s challenge whenever you are ready and we will see you at the Informational Meeting on January 7th to discuss all the details!

2 thoughts on “2017 Whole30/Nutrition Challenge starts January 15th”

  1. What is the difference between the Whole 30 and the hybrid version? Will there be a list of foods we can or cannot consume?

    1. Essentially what we’ve done in the past is go over with you what you would want your three exceptions to be (typically they are rice, oatmeal, whole milk cheese, etc) and determine good fit. The idea is that they should be healthy, whole, unprocessed foods if possible.