2019 Healthy Habits Challenge

Fringe Healthy Habits Challenge

With all the exciting changes coming in 2019 for the Fringe community we thought we’d give the Nutrition Challenge a little makeover!

Why the Change?

In the past, the challenge has been focused around either Whole30, counting macros, or choosing 3 nutrition goals. This year, we are taking it a step further! It should come as no surprise that nutrition plays a big role in health, but that is not the only player.

Your overall health is also affected by the quality of sleep, your performance in the gym, days/time in recovery, and so much more. That is why this year we are re-branding the nutrition challenge to the Fringe Healthy Habits Challenge!

What makes this challenge different than years past? We want to focus on each of your individual needs and goals because the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for an individual’s health!

We’ll do this by looking at sustainable habit and behavior changes that work for your lifestyle. While it’s common to get caught up in setting a lofty New Year’s resolution or goal, we often don’t follow through because we don’t have habits in place to support getting there. We want to work with you individually to set you up for success, and then be a resource for you during this journey!

Finally, rather than just 30 days, we have chosen to extend the Challenge to 6 weeks, as research shows behavior changes take up to 21 days to become a habit. So let’s work together for 42 days to ensure those new behavior changes are set in stone!

Another new feature to this years’ Challenge is weekly video Q+A sessions by our team! We have a great line-up of topics to discuss but we are also opening it up to you all to pick the topic for our mid-way workshop!

Challenge Details

  • January 5: Attend the Kick-off Meeting at Noon at CrossFit Fringe.
  • January 6-12: Select your habits and schedule/obtain your beginning In-body Exam. Receive your Habits Tracker as well as begin communication with your assigned Coach.
  • January 14: Challenge Begins
  • Week of January 14: Sleep/Recovery
  • Week of January 21: Nutrition
  • Week of January 28: Time Management
  • Week of February 4: Mindfulness/Gratitude
  • Week of February 11: Self-Care
  • Week of February 18: Life skills
  • February 3 at 7:00 pm: Facebook Live event for Mid-Challenge workshop
  • February 23 at Noon: Challenge Celebration/Awards/Receive Limited Edition T-Shirt

We are asking you to choose 3-5 healthy habits you want to work on for the duration of the 42-day Challenge. Habits do not have to be fitness and nutrition related, but they certainly can be! Our goal with this year’s challenge is helping you encompass the whole aspect of health and well-being.

Choosing your habits:

There is an abundance of habits you could choose from and each will be individualized to you! Here are a few things to consider when picking your habits.

  1. How have you best achieved your goals in the past? Did you set smaller building goals or benchmarks to meet a big one or jumping right in?
  2. What are typically the biggest barriers to your reaching goals?
  3. Do you need accountability from someone else (or a group) or are you self motivated?
  4. How big is your plate? Do you do better focusing on 1 or 2 tasks or can you handle multiple at the same time?
  5. Are there habits you are already succeeding at that can be used to piggyback new habits?

Habit suggestions:

  • Nutrition – Whole30, tracking macros, reducing intake of processed foods, drink more water, include more F/V, eat more meals at home
  • Exercise – go to “X” amount of classes a week, staying active throughout the day, increase accessory work or active recovery (ROMWOD, yoga)
  • Sleep/Recovery – “X” amount of sleep a night, better bedtime routine, balancing intensity and recovery
  • Mindfulness/Gratitude – gratitude journal, less screen time, listening to podcasts, adopting a growth mindset
  • Self-Care – do something for yourself 10-20 minutes a day, self-compassion, create an environment and surroundings that support your goals
  • Life skills – meal prep/learn to cook, shop efficiently and effectively, time management to support your goals


Once you have chosen your daily habits you will track them using the habits tracking chart! This tracking chart will require you to also do some self-reflection at the end of each day, increasing the accountability you place on yourself to build and shape the habit. Each habit should be specific and measurable. This will allow for you to know whether you accomplished that habit for the day or if you didn’t.

Each person will have a hard copy of a habits tracker as well as receive a Google excel spreadsheet via email that you will track online as well. This will allow our team to check in with you during the Challenge. You will either be assigned to Bridget or Ashlyn and that is who will also do your in-body scan at the beginning and end of the Challenge. Ashlyn and Bridget will check in on the Google Habit Tracker docs on Sundays. You can ask questions or leave comments in the excel sheet for Ashlyn and Bridget to help troubleshoot.

Video Topics

Every Monday evening, a pre-recorded video focusing on tips for that week’s topic will be posted in the facebook group. Every Thursday will be a call to action post so be prepared to share the amazing work you have been putting in with thought-provoking questions.

  1. In-Body Scan at beginning and end (*if you choose this option)
    1. Beginning: January 6th – 12th
    2. End: February 17th-23rd
  2. Limited Edition T-shirt (we know you love to collect them!)
  3. Private Facebook group for ideas, support, and accountability with weekly posts
  4. Awards – In addition to the successful habits and results, we will have a first, second and third place at the end. While most challenges only focus on the outcome we want to also reward the hard work and commitment toward your new habits and behaviors throughout the Challenge! Each time you achieve your habit you accumulate a point. There will also be points awarded for class attendance and social media engagement. You can get up to 3 points a week for class attendance and up to 2 points a week with social media engagement using #fringehealthyhabits The final reflection (detailed below) will be worth 10 points
    1. First place: 6-pack meal prep cooler
    2. Second place: 2 lb. tub of protein powder
    3. Third place: Fringe gear
  5. Weekly Incentives
    1. Kodiak Cakes has donated mini boxes and cups, which will be used as weekly prizes.
  6. Events
    1. February 3 at 7:00 pm: Mid-Challenge point Facebook Live workshop – We’ll be hosting a workshop halfway comprised of the topics and challenges you are facing in the first half of the Challenge.
  7. February 23rd: Celebration Potluck at the end of the Challenge.
  • Base Challenge: $75 includes habit tracker, Facebook group membership, and one coach check-in per week; or
  • Base Challenge + InBody: $125 includes all the above plus a pre- and post-challenge Inbody scans a $50 value and a t-shirt at $25 value.

During your InBody scan at the end, we will sit down for a brief 10-minute discussion about how the Challenge went for you. We ask that you come with a written reflection of your thoughts regarding the Challenge including what your bright spots were, what you might have struggled with and your plans going forward to make these habits part of your lifestyle. We will send a template to help guide this reflection during the last week of the challenge. This will help guide the discussion and also add to your point total for the challenge! For those who do not choose to do the Inbody scans, we will complete this step via email.We hope that you will join us in kicking off 2019 in a positive way! We are so excited to bring this new Challenge to Fringe and look forward to working with each and every one of you. If you find that you need a one-on-one meeting during this Challenge for additional accountability, troubleshooting, or guidance, feel free to schedule a meeting through our Nutrition page on Fringe’s website. If you have questions beforehand feel free to reach out to [email protected].