2020 Class and Membership Updates!

Ready to start the New Year with more convenience?

As we end 2019 and get ready to move into 2020, we’re ready to announce a few schedule updates for you!

Class Time Changes

Starting the first week of January, we are discontinuing our Friday 6:30 pm class. It has always been rather hit-or-miss with attendance, and we’re ready to add something new. We will instead be offering a 6:30 pm class on Thursdays! This change will start on 1/2/20, with the new 6:30 pm Thursday class and no 6:30 pm class on Friday.

For those of you with children in our CrossFit Kids program, we’re hoping this change gives you another opportunity to work out together as a family! If you have kids, but the Crossfit Kids schedule had never worked out, we now offer kid’s classes three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays!

Membership Option Changes

To continue to offer you better and more convenient options, we’re also going to change our membership options slightly.

If you’ve been limited by the 3X/Week plan—we’re modifying it to 12X/month. While it doesn’t sound like much of a change, it will provide more flexibility to those of you who travel or can’t make it consistently 3x/week from one week to the next. If you want to work out five days in one week because you’re vacationing the following week, you’ll now have that opportunity!

The final change is the discontinuation of the Punchcard option. While we understand that people need flexibility, we also know that to help you maintain and improve your fitness, we need to see you regularly. Once a week or once a month simply isn’t going to get you that, and we’d be doing you a disservice to take your money without offering you real results. If you’ve been on a Punchcard, please reach out to us to discuss further options we might have just for you!

Staying Connected when you move with Satellite Programming

Another area that we’ve received countless requests for is access to Fringe programming and our Facebook group after moving out of the area. With a little work and a lot of questions asked, we’ve found a way to offer our programming to our distance Fringies! If you are interested in our Satellite Programming or know someone who might, email us at [email protected] and we will get you set up!

2020 Mark Your Calendar

Our 2020 calendar is nowhere near complete yet, but we wanted to share with you a few of our already planned upcoming events and activities:

  • January: Nutrition Challenge & new Oly Course; Gym-Wide Holiday Party
  • March: Kids Camp Spring Break
  • April: Functional Bodybuilding – 6-week course
  • May: Annual Body Armor event in memory of Lt. Murph
  • June: CrossFit Kids Summer Camp
  • July: Partner Nutrition Challenge
  • August: Open Prep Course 6-week, Back to School FNL
  • September: B4B and/or Lift Up Autism Co-Event
  • October: 2021 Intramural CrossFit Open
  • December: 12 Days of Christmas game

Again, it’s not done just yet, but we’re excited to show you the progress Nate and Tyler are making! It’s awesome to see a full board of projects on Trello!

If you have questions about any of these updates for 2020, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or in-person at the gym! We are always looking for ways to make our facilities and programming easier to access to make reaching your fitness goals that much better.