LIFT 4-Week Saturday Seminar Series Returns October 31st!

LIFT Olympic Lifting Program - CrossFit Fringe

Close Out 2020 with Heavy Lifting!

4 x 1-Hour Saturday Seminar Series

Saturday Seminar Series finally return with “LIFT”!

LIFT Olympic Lifting Program - CrossFit FringeWhat the course covers

Over the 4-Saturday Seminars, Coach Nate will dive deep into more technical areas of the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk). Each Saturday has a specific focus that will contribute to the full lifts.

  • October 31st-The Pull: The pull is where most lifts are made or missed in that it’s more than just rising the bar from the ground and giving it momentum. Focusing on the right leverage, angles, foot pressure, and back tension will lead athletes to understand how to optimize getting the bar from the floor and on it’s way to a powerful peak of momentum.
  • November 7th-The Catch : Whether it’s overhead (Snatch) or in the Front Rack (Clean), the catch needs to feel secure, confident, and strong. This element of the Olympic lifts is a blend of mobility, body awareness, and athleticism. Athletes will learn to meet the bar, brace and secure their catch so less lifts are lost at the finish.
  • November 14th-The Jerk : An animal all by itself, the jerk is an often overlooked element in the full Clean & Jerk. This lift balances strength, timing, speed, and athleticism. Not to mention, being able to put large amounts of weight overhead is freaking cool! This day we’ll cover foot-work, power v. split, catch position of the jerk, and timing the osculation of the bar so we can feel more confident in driving it through the roof!
  • November 21st-Full Lifts : Time to bring it all together in the Full Lifts. This day will focus on taking components learned over the last 3 Saturday seminars and putting them into action. We’ll focus on connecting the pull, the catch, and proper variations of the full lifts that can help refine technical aspects so all athletes feel confident moving forward as they practice these movements in classes and beyond.

Who are these awesome Seminars for?

This course is for ANYONE wanting to improve their Olympic Lifting. It’s not only about max lifts, it’s about feeling comfortable with these movements as seen in our classes. Why not take a little extra time to develop them?

What is the cost to join?

The cost for each Saturday Seminar as an individual sign-up is $25. If you sign up for all 4 Saturdays, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount or $90 for all 4.

What is the schedule?

  • Saturdays: 9:00 am on West Side of Fringe

Who is Coach Nate?

Coach Nate has worked with some of the top lifting coaches and athletes in the country. He’s even coached athletes to qualify & medal on a national stage. He is excited to bring this knowledge base to your training!

How do I get signed up?

Follow the links below to sign up for the sessions you’re interested in below. Email [email protected] for the discount code to sign up for all four Saturday Seminars. Spots are limited so don’t wait! Let’s close out a crazy year with some heavy barbells and a lot of fun!