Friday Night Lights - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

The coaching staff of CrossFit Fringe is excited to announce the return of one of your favorite events…


Friday Night Lights is an opportunity for CrossFit Fringe athletes to compete against one another for pride and prizes under the spotlights in front of their fellow Outliers. Every Friday Night Lights event, we pick a specific group of members to compete. Past Friday Night Competitions have included Student Night, Partner Night, and Newcomers Night.

We are excited to announce that Friday September 13th, EVERY member of CrossFit Fringe is afforded an opportunity to take part and win Friday Night Lights. The format will match a seasoned veteran of CrossFit Fringe with one of our many newcomers at random. Together they will vie for greatest combination of Veteran CrossFitter and New Crossfitter. This gives everyone an opportunity to not only meet every member of our amazing community, but to beat them too! Of course, following our competition we will have our normal celebration of everyone’s greatness! Remember that ANYONE is able to compete (or support the competitors and be the best cheerleader in the room) so bring your competitive spirits, ability to drink spirits, and desire to be an Outlier — September 13th at 8 PM (heats will start promptly at 8:30 PM). Entry for teams will be $10, and $3 for spectators.

3 thoughts on “Announcing…”

  1. Hunter and I will be out of town this Friday. We’re sad to miss this fun night!
    So let me see if I have this right. This week everyone can come, but after that you have to be invited or chosen to come?