Attitude Nation is Coming August 18th to The Outlier

Having trouble with your Olympic lifts?  Plateau on your Clean PR and you just can’t lift heavier?

Enter Jon and Jessica North of Attitude Nation.

Jon is an Olympic hopeful weightlifter with many accomplishments under his belt and more to come.  His unique style blends an old school approach to the sport with modern philosophies.  He lives by the motto “Slammin’ Bars and Killin’ PRs”, which should give you an idea of the level of excitement he brings to the table.

Jessica is also an accomplished weightlifter in her own right and will bring in even more energy into a day of instruction and new PRs!

We are greatly excited to have The Attitude Nation at CrossFit Fringe on August 18th.  Join us for a full day of instruction and demonstrations.

To register, please go to The Attitude Nation.  At the bottom of the page click on Registration and then Select “CrossFit Fringe” from the drop-down menu.

Still not sure?  Check out some of Jon’s lifts here and get some inspiration.