Be Strong, Lift Others

Doing the right thing rarely requires an explanation, except when it does.

We were made aware of hurtful statements and communication that were sent or received by CFHQ and founder Greg Glassman over the weekend. Let us state plainly that those do not reflect who we are, and our belief in community, inclusivity, and health and fitness for EVERYONE.

The beauty of the CrossFit affiliate model is that we are given majority freedom to operate as we wish. To that end, for the past 10+ years we have prioritized loyalty to this community. We’ve worked hard to create a supportive and inclusive gym home for people in our community and beyond live their very best lives through health and fitness.

We are deeply committed to bringing people together and changing lives. We are part of many incredible individual communities with that same mission, and that will continue long beyond the words and actions of one person. We are stronger together.

Please continue to follow our updates as we work through this with other gyms in our #CrossFit community together. If you have any questions, or would just like to chat, please email us at [email protected]