Chest-To-Bar and Deadlifts!

Main – CrossFit

A: Tabata AD/Row (No Measure)

IR/ER with Light Bands (15 ea. Arm)

B: C2B Pull-Ups (No Measure)

Begin working on strong/powerful Kipping Pull-Ups (No Butterfly). Focus on Shoulder Kip strongly.

-Hips to Bar Kipping Motion (Lay back!)

-C2B Fall out (Falling Out of a C2B Pull-Up after Jumping to the Top Position)

-Single C2B Practice (Aim for Pec Line)

-String Kipping C2B

C: Metcon (Time)

For Overall Time:

Row 500m

-Rest 2 Minutes

5 Rounds

10 C2B Pull-Ups (L1: Kipping, L2: Ring Rows)

10 Deadlift 225/155 (L1: 185/125, L2: 155,105)

-Rest 2 Minutes Following Completion of 5 Rounds

Row 500m