CrossFit Fringe Athletes Dominate at Comps

This past weekend, Outlier athletes traveled to surrounding cities to participate in some incredible competitions. We love the spirit of competition that CrossFit creates, and even more so when our athletes go to the proving grounds outside of the gym to test their skills and capacity. Here are some of their reflections from this weekend:

Charlie Racinowski


“My Favorite Part of the weekend was of course taking the card Jess made me to the Podium! 100% favorite part. My second favorite part was hearing Matt yell at me when I was doing my 2min max burpee over box after the KB snatch and I started to slow down, and he kept yelling get down quit being a b**** hurry up and as I had 1:00 left I completely Redlined my sh** hard as f*** all while still hearing him telling me to go faster!  I was nearly crying and groaning and moaning I literally wouldn’t have killed that event without Matt because of him I found another gear and pain tolerance I didn’t know I had…..”
Charlie Racinowski

Nate Bacott


“This entire competition will be one of my fondest memories. I not only got to see friends and some of my athletes compete at a killer event, I was also given the chance to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. My favorite parts for myself were workout 2 and the final chipper. The reason is that these 2 workouts had elements I had been struggling with in the past: Muscle-Ups, Handstand Push-Ups, and just flat out capacity. I was able to push into a realm of fitness I didn’t know I had attained yet. Of course lifting heavy weight is fun, but knowing your overall progress in the sport has grown enough to compete with top level competitors is amazing! The cherry on top: Blas bringing me a beer after the final chipper was over and popping the top off on the box I was previously jumping on and over!

My favorite part outside of myself was seeing the smiles and shared experiences between the athletes that competed and the ones that came to cheer us on. It was such a great blend of community and to see faces light up over PR’s, bad ass performances, and getting involved with a community outside of our own was truly amazing to see.”Nate Bacott

Blas Yslas


“One of my favorite things this weekend was Finally competing again ( its been over a year) and enjoying everything that comes with a competition: the crowd, the emotion, the new people you meet, the s*** you shoot to pass time between events, etc. The other was watching my teammates kill its in their events. Seeing them do so well made me want to do the same.”Blas Yslas

Chris Beahm


“My favorite moment was definitely hitting my PR 240# C&J!!! 240# was also a PR for my clean so when I was also able to get that weight above my head, I was ecstatic. I can’t think of many better feelings in the world than PR’ing in a competition with everyone cheering!! It was something I’ll never forget.”Chris Beahm

Jordyn Burnidge


“My favorite WOD of this weekend was WOD 1.. Not even realizing my 30 lbs of PRs put me in first! But my favorite memory wasn’t a workout, but meeting/hanging out with all of the other competitors and people who came for the same reason! To me, this wasn’t a competition at all. To go into something like this with only 2 days notice I had no idea what was going to come out of it! If someone told me a third place finish was going to happen I would look at them like they were crazy! If you’re not smiling, then you’re not having fun” that was constantly in my head. A constant reminder of this when I was on the floor were the multiple people who traveled to Ozark to scream their heads off for the 4 of us Fringe athletes! When I looked into the audience and saw my friends, I couldn’t help but crack a smile no matter how hard the workout was (WOD 5 for sure). I’m so thankful for this entire weekend I got to spend with some amazing people!”Jordyn Burnidge

Madeline Komes


“I always love seeing people exceed their expectations, like Blas and Jordyn PR’ing their lifts, and Nate killing those workouts and my PR’s as well. I love seeing people push their limits and it is so inspiring, this is why I compete. I also like knowing what to work on for the future and I get a my goal list right out to start on some work!”Madeline Komes

Esther Kim


“My favorite part was the actual crossfit community aspect of it. I loved hanging out with the Jefferson City crossfit crew all day and we all supported each other every heat. It was awesome. Monica and I pushed ourselves beyond our expectations because our strengths were completely opposite of each other and it was exciting to watch her bust out reps of 85# snatches like it was nothing in a actual wod because her max was 105#! What a beast! Overall, it was fun and a great experience. I can’t to compete again!”- Esther Kim

Monica Doerr


“My favorite parts were 1) Hanging out with so many different members of my own CrossFit family- BARx, Fringe, Jeff City, TNT. 2) Meeting or beating my goals on each WOD. 3) A member from BARx staying to cheer on me and Esther when we were one of the last heats to go. He stayed over an hour to watch us, when most everybody else was already home. 4) My CrossFit hangover on Sunday confirming that I did, in fact, give it my all.”Monica Doerr