CrossFit Fringe will host TWO Saturday Seminars this week!

CrossFit Fringe Saturday Seminars Columbia MO

Saturday Seminars CrossFit Fringe Columbia MO

CrossFit Fringe will have TWO great Saturday Seminars for you happening this Saturday, April 19th!

Running Technique

Beginning at 8 AM, Coach Tom will be hosting a Running Technique Seminar :: This Seminar is open to everyone, including those not currently members of CrossFit Fringe. Tom will review the Pose Method to improve upon and achieve maximal speed and distance for runners of all ability levels.

The seminar will be capped for attendance to 12 participants.

Jerk Technique

At 11 AM, Coach Mitch will be hosting a Jerk Technique Seminar :: The seminar will offer a series of drills to help with the proper mechanics of the dip and drive to avoid common errors and pitfalls that make it a difficult or inefficient movement.

This Seminar is open to members of CrossFit Fringe only, and will also be capped to 12 participants.