Sign up for CrossFit Fringe’s first On-Ramp of 2014!

CrossFit Fringe On-Ramp Columbia MO



At CrossFit Fringe, we understand that jumping into a program such as CrossFit can be an intimidating process. That is why we take pride in the proven system we’ve developed to safely introduce new athletes to the greatest fitness community in the world.

Our first On-Ramp for 2014 will begin January 15th at 6pm! Our coaches are excited and ready to introduce an enthusiastic new group of athletes to all that CrossFit has to offer, with maybe a little extra surprise added for both our new and existing members on to help bring in the new year right!

During class, the coaches cover the wide array of movements, skills, terminology, and knowledge incoming athletes will need to mainstream into our regular CrossFit programming and continue to lead healthy and active lifestyles outside the gym. Can’t make all of the days? No worries! We have designed our On-Ramp curriculum to be flexible, with review in each session and plenty of time for extra one-on-one work with a coach. In addition, our coaches have no problem bringing athletes up to speed with make-up sessions down the road.

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