CrossFitter of the Month: Doug and Heather Calhoun

We are proud and excited to make Doug and Heather Calhoun our CrossFitters of the month!


Doug and Heather joined CrossFit with great concern and uncertainty that it would be what they were looking for. Since their arrival, they have embraced our community whole-heartedly volunteering time, consistent attendance in the gym, and even going to support athletes at competitions outside of Columbia. They show great support for one another in their fitness pursuits and equal support in the classes they attend.

How long have you been attending CrossFit Fringe, and what brought you here?

D: We joined in April after we ran a Warrior Dash. I thought a Tough Mudder would be a good challenge for a 43 year old guy that’s been sitting in a chair for a decade. I took a free Saturday class and after finishing dead last thought it was what I needed. (Thanks Tyler for running the last 400M with me!)

H: We started in April of this year. Doug signed up for the Tough Mudder and heard that CrossFit was a great way to train for it. I was just tagging along to see what it was all about. I had no idea I would get hooked!

Since starting at CrossFit Fringe, what has changed about your lifestyle or outlook on life?

D: A number of things have changed since starting. CrossFit has improved my physical and mental state. I’m less stressed, more focused and approach challenges differently. The benefits spill over into everything. My kids loved seeing me run the Mudder and want to CrossFit!

H: I no longer want to be skinny-I want to be strong! When I see a girl with muscular legs I think to myself — ”oooh I wonder how much she can squat?!”

What is your favorite movement/skill?

D: I like power cleans.

H: My favorite movement is probably squats — I like what it’s doing for my legs and butt!

What has been the most challenging part of your journey with CrossFit?

D: Working around old injuries while becoming stronger.

H: Being patient-I want to do so much more but my body isn’t there yet, I cannot wait to do my first pull up! (and handstand and pistol and muscle up and and and……)

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit/CrossFit Fringe?

D: There are lots of things- the people, caliber of trainers and community atmosphere. Having had lots of physical wear and tear, the quality of trainers at Fringe has made a huge difference to me.

H: Never in my life would I have worked out if I was the only girl in the place. I can here and not think twice about it! And I love the positive environment-everyone is so supportive and friendly! It’s also given us something to do as a couple!

What do you like to do outside the gym?

D: When I’m not with Heather and my 3 kids, my hunting dogs are my passion. I’ve just started home brewing and am at the beginning of a restoration on a 1970 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser.

H: l LOVE being a mom – we have 3 kids who keep us busy. In my “free time” I like to watch scary movies, go out with my girlfriends, read blogs and drink coffee!


Congratulations Doug and Heather!