CrossFitter of the Month: Dustin Stull

Dustin Stull CrossFit Fringe Columbia MO

As we’ve seen with many journeys into CrossFit, the hardest part is breaking past mental barriers and pushing beyond what our minds convince us is possible. We are very proud to announce our CrossFitter of the Month, Dustin Stull and celebrate his ability to push beyond those limits every tie he walks into the box.

His determination and enthusiasm to expand his capabilities and learn more make for a great athlete and his presence at every community event to support his fellow athletes makes him an integral member of the community.

Dustin Stull CrossFit Fringe Columbia MO


How long have you been attending CrossFit Fringe, and what brought you here?

I have been attending CrossFit Fringe for just over 8 months now. My first WOD was actually at the Fringe Open House. I had recently moved back to Columbia and was thinking of checking out Crossfit and came across Crossfit United in a quick Google search. Luckily I caught Nate on the second to last day at United and he informed me of the new transition. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Since starting at CrossFit Fringe, what has changed about your lifestyle or outlook on life?

Being a part of CrossFit Fringe has pushed me to new heights and helped me accomplish more than I ever imagined when I first set out to change my lifestyle. Thanks to the coaches, staff and the community of the Fringe, my health and overall strength has become a passion for me. I feel like I have something to prove and the Fringe has given me that opportunity.

What is your favorite movement/skill?

My favorite movement at this time would be the clean and jerk. I believe it is a combination of several movements we perform at the Fringe and it would be beneficial for my strength growth to become proficient. It also involves squatting, which was my favorite lift when I was younger. I would love to become consistent with the clean and jerk and start throwing up heavy weight.

Dustin Stull CrossFit Fringe Columbia MO

What has been the most challenging part of your journey with CrossFit?

I find Crossfit very humbling and it has brought me back to reality on several occasions. There are several movements and skills that I currently lack the ability or strength to accomplish and it can be frustrating at times. I try to remember to be frustrated for a short period and remind myself these frustrations are really obtainable goals.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit/CrossFit Fringe?

The community is the best part of Fringe. The coaches are very understanding and patient. Everyone is very supportive and friendly. All of this helps when you’re pushing through a WOD or trying to accomplish your goals. I also enjoy being able to give back and being a part of events like the OgarStrong fundraiser.

What do you like to do outside the gym?

I love spending time with my family. My wife and I have a daughter that is almost 3 going on thirteen and an 8 month old son. Hopefully you’ll get to see them hanging around the gym more often when they’re old enough for Crossfit Kids. I also enjoy being back in Columbia. My wife and I both went to Mizzou and have good memories from here. I love being able to attend Mizzou football and basketball games.