CrossFitter of the Month: Charity Summers

Charity Summers - CrossFit Fringe

Charity Summers - CrossFit Fringe

Charity Summers always walks into the box with a smile and a penchant for hard work. Few people can throw themselves so completely into every workout they tackle. As one of the longest standing members in the box, Charity is quick to make introductions and always hangs around before and after classes to socialize and mobilize. While there are so many reasons to award Charity the CrossFitter of the Month, it is her determination and drive to continually improve that stands out the most!

How long have you been attending CrossFit Fringe, and what brought you here?

A little over two years. I came to CrossFit Fringe looking for a way to change my workout routine, I needed something that encompassed all the aspects of fitness I enjoy.

Charity Summers - CrossFit Fringe

Since starting at CrossFit Fringe, what has changed about your lifestyle or outlook on life?

I’m clearly in better shape, and I’m definitely better educated about fitness and nutrition than before I started.

What is your favorite movement/skill?  

Thrusters. I know, I’m as surprised as everyone….

Charity Summers - CrossFit Fringe

What has been the most challenging part of your journey with CrossFit?

Some of the gymnastics movements, i.e. full handstand push-ups and muscle-ups. These are goals of mine and I will continue to work on them…so there!

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit/CrossFit Fringe?

The community, I have found a family at Fringe and I look forward to seeing all my peeps every time I go to class. Love you all!

Charity Summers - CrossFit Fringe

What do you like to do outside the gym?

Riding my bike on the trail, running, camping, etc…if it’s an outdoor activity I’m down for it.