Friday Night Lights returns November 22!

Friday Night Lights - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO


It’s Back! Friday Night Lights returns November 22nd at 7pm at CrossFit Fringe! We had nearly 80 athletes come to our last event and we want to keep that energy and momentum going for November! To add a little twist to our next FNL event, we gave YOU the option to choose the theme.

The athletes have spoken and this Friday Night Lights will be a 2-Person Team WOD (1 Male/ 1 Female).  We will have a sign-up list for any individual wanting to compete but don’t have a partner yet (there is no guarantee for even numbers).  Call or e-mail soon to reserve your team! The cost is $10 per team.

And the WOD is…..

Partner WOD For Time:
40 MB Sit-Up (Must be on opposite sides of box tossing MB over to partner. Rx= 20lb, Scaled=14lb)
20 DL See-Saw (1 Bar can be on the ground at a time; match 1-to-1 Reps with Partner. Rx=225/155, Scaled 185/115)
40 Partner High Five Burpees
20 Cleans ea. (Partner must hold bar in Front Rack for reps to count. Rx= 135/95, Scaled=115/75)
40 Partner See-Saw Box Jumps (Match 1-to-1. 20″ Box For All Teams)
20 C2B Pull-Ups (Partner must be holding onto Pull-Up Rig for reps to count. Scaled will be Ring Rows/Ring Row Hold at the Top)
100 Double-Under’s each (Must switch when set is broken)

-Rep count is for each individual athlete. 40 Reps means 80 Reps total between the team.