Giveback Throwdown

Giveback Throwback - CrossFit Fringe

Hi Outliers — A really cool opportunity came across our desk that we want to take part in!

Giveback Throwdown - CrossFit Fringe

What’s this opportunity?

Lululemon Athletica and CrossFit St. Louis are teaming up to invite area boxes to give back and throw down with our community for a chance at free entry to the first (hopefully annual) Giveback Throwdown on Saturday, June 7th, 2014. The 12 gyms with the most creative and successful submissions will be chosen to compete in the first annual Giveback Throwdown.

What do we have to do?

Complete a community service project that benefits one of the following locally-based charities:

  • Operation Food Search (
    Collects and distributes food, personal care items, and winter coats throughout the bi-state region to those in need.
  • The Shoeman Water Project (
    Collects donated shoes – any kind, new or gently used – from shoe drives, exports the shoes to street vendors in places like Haiti, Kenya, and South America and uses the funds from exporting for clean water programs in communities around the world.

What’s the plan?

We’ve decided to support the Shoeman Water project by:

  1. Building and decorating a box to collect shoes in the box throughout this week
  2. Organize a fun running-based partner WOD for the Saturday (5/17) morning WODs

We think this is the best way to have the most impact while we also have a little fun and spend some time outside! We’re also open to more ideas if you have them.

What do we need from you?

  1. Your craftiness — We’ll have craft supplied to decorate and write on the box, leave your mark and help us put a little Fringe on this box!
  2. Your shoes — Any kind that you’re willing to donate. Bring them to the box! Take a picture of your donations with the hashtag #givebackthrowdown.
  3. Your time — Come out and get after it! We’ll be running a partner running-based WOD during each of the morning classes this Saturday, 5/17. Take pictures, and videos of your experience, and PLASTER social media using the hashtag #givebackthrowdown.

What happens after that?

We scramble to submit our final entry before Noon on Sunday, May 24. Anyone who wants to be a part of this assembly should email [email protected].