It’s Finally Here…Two Gym Membership Option!

Dual-gym membership option - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

You’ve been waiting for it…Dear Friends,

I can say with certainty that 2017 is off to a helluva start! We’ve upgraded WOD tracking from Beyond the Whiteboard to SugarWOD, redesigned the website, had our largest ever Whole30 group, have been featured on Box Pro Magazine AND the CrossFit Games site, and kicked off the Open Intramural Competition. And that’s just housekeeping stuff, that doesn’t even touch your new PRs and accomplishments!

Next Level: The Two-Gym Membership Option

As we continue to evolve and wade into our new two-gym lifestyle we know a big desire is a membership that gives you access to both facilities. You guys are coming together more and more, and it’s only to be expected that you want the convenience and flexibility to see your friends or work out where it might be most convenient on a particular day.

If this sounds like you, and you’re interested in a dual gym membership for both the east and west location, it’s finally here! Here’s how it works:

  • If you have an Unlimited membership: +$30/month
  • If you have Open Gym membership: +$15/month
  • If you are 3x/week: then you cannot add a monthly addition, but you may drop-in at a reduced rate of $7.50/visit (half the price of the usual drop-in fee!)
  • If you are a Punchcard holder: you will have to have a punchcard to each location

Other options:

Some of our class add-ons will only be offered at one location, or rotating between locations. If you choose to add-on, you are not required to have the Unlimited Membership with 2 location option. Anyone adding on will be welcome at the facility where the class is being held! Special events such as the Open are excluded from the need for a dual membership.

Current added offerings are:

  • CrossFit

Ready to Sign Up?

To set up your new dual membership, send us an email to [email protected] and we will start the process for you! We’ll do all the work and get you set up! You will have to maintain two PushPress accounts, but it’s super simple, and well worth the convenience.