Jordan Walker’s CrossFit Story: Coming Back Stronger

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Last Fall, Jordan Walker felt at a crossroads with his health. He was struggling with weight-gain, body-issues, depression, and an overall lack of confidence in himself. While he did have a membership at a normal gym, getting there was next to impossible, “I was highly insecure of my physical inabilities and terrified to push beyond them.” If he did get to the gym, he had no idea what he was doing, and had no motivation to keep himself accountable.

He was stuck in a frustrating cycle of knowing he should be doing something, being too scared to do it because he didn’t know how to achieve his goals, and then getting mad thinking about what he should have done. Jordan became motivated to break the cycle when he found it increasingly difficult to move. “Bending down to pick something up off of the floor was tedious,” he confessed. “Walking longer distances left me winded.” That frustration, along with tightening pants and stretching elastic, prompted him to reconsider CrossFit.


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Simultaneously attacked consistency in both his diet and commitment to CrossFit.

Wait, did you say reconsider CrossFit?

Yup, I did. He had initially visited Fringe in 2017, on the advice of a friend, but ended up stopping due to a lack of motivation. This time around, his colleague and Fringie, Vesta Hotchkiss, encouraged him to come back to Fringe and work out with her. Jordan recalls his first CrossFit workout included a 200- or 400-meter run. “Well, on the first run, my left calf cramped up, and I could not run anymore. Jefe had to literally carry me back to the gym. It was my first workout, and I was SO embarrassed. It is funny to look back on now, but I’m proud the next day I showed back up and kept trying.”Despite that initial embarrassment, Jordan felt good after each workout and loved seeing results and changes. He found motivation through friendships with other Fringies. During the day, he even found himself thinking about the workouts and even practicing movements. It was no longer something he dreaded having to deal with. Admittedly a bit competitive with himself, he’s genuinely excited about improving and getting better at every workout.

But wait, here is where his story gets incredible

Now more than six months after joining and down an amazing 30+ pounds, he is still excited to go to the gym and seeing positive results in the fit of his clothes, his demeanor, diet, and his motivation to become better.

Jordan’s motivation is also helped by a competitive nature to lift more each workout and complete the RX workouts. “I want to see how far I can go and how fast I can complete a workout,” he told us enthusiastically.

Outside of Fringe, he also shared that he has “so much more energy throughout the day and a desire to take on, and complete, more responsibilities” as a busy teacher. He’s also become conscious of what he eats and makes sure breakfast is part of the daily routine.

Images: Check out Jordan’s amazing transformation from 215-lb. to 185-lb.!Jordan’s first strict pull-up (February 2020)

What our CrossFit Group Classes offer…

Group CrossFit classes are perfect for athletes looking for a change of pace from the standard gym experience!

Our small group CrossFit classes focus on keeping your workouts short and manageable for busy schedules, typically lasting under 1 hour. During this time, you will be led through a dynamic warm-up and will be hit with constantly varied, functional movements that will be different every day. Some days, classes may focus on strength elements like the back squat or deadlift. Other days may focus on skill development such as gymnastic movements like handstands or pull-ups.Every day will challenge you in unique ways you never thought possible. But you will be constantly under the care and guidance of a coach who has as much passion for fitness as you will come to have.

Our programming is developed in-house by our training staff and constantly evolves around the needs and goals of the community. Additionally, we offer special seminars for additional enrichment for those looking to take skills to the next level.

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