June Newsletter

June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Happy Summer and welcome to the June Newsletter! We, as always, have a ton of housekeeping and fun information to share, so let’s get to it!

New Summer Weekend Hours

Since the students are away and we are dealing with fewer crowds over the summer, we’re adjusting some hours on the weekends to make better use of coach time and facilities. Rather than having both facilities open both days, we are moving to have West open on Saturdays and East open on Sundays. Here is the breakdown:

  • Saturdays will all be at West, with class from 9:00-10:15 a.m. and Open Gym from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Sundays will all be at East, with Open Gym only from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Pretty easy to remember right? If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. All normal weekday hours are still the same!

Free Classes Changing — Introducing Our NEW No-Sweat Model

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make joining CrossFit Fringe for new members easier and better. We realize that attending a fixed free/trial class time doesn’t work for everyone, so we’ve improved it!

If you hadn’t already noticed, we rolled out a sweet new way to self-schedule a “No-Sweat” session with a coach to get to know us, the facilities and what we do. That will now be the primary way new members reach out to us about joining CrossFit Fringe. They schedule a time with us on the website, meet with us for 30-45 minutes and determine tailored next steps for them about their path to membership and better health.

This more hands-on approach allows us to better understand needs and goals of individuals, as well as where people are coming from and then schedule a trial class time that works for THEM and where they can have one-on-one coach attention through the whole class, rather than an open class time where anyone can show up.

Coupled with our new 6 Session Elements Format (schedule below through this Fall!), we think joining Fringe just got a whole lot smooooother! So tell your friends, spread the word!

No-Sweat Intro


Summer/Fall Elements Schedule Available!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m the planning type. I like to know things far in advance and to visualize and let them sink in before I have to do them. My husband loves it (he doesn’t). Anyhow, because I’m the planning type, and I know a lot of others are as well, I went ahead and made the Elements schedule through October 1! That’s right, months upon months of our glorious Elements sessions are now planned ahead and ready for registration. Help us spread the word to potential new Fringies!  

  • June 4 (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe East (901 Old 63 N)
  • June 18 (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe West (3302 W Broadway Business Park Ct A)
  • July 9 (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe East (901 Old 63 N)
  • July 30 (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe West (3302 W Broadway Business Park Ct A)
  • August 20 (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe East (901 Old 63 N)
  • September 10 (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe West (3302 W Broadway Business Park Ct A)
  • October 1 (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe East (901 Old 63 N)

Questions? Know someone who is interested but needs a tailored approach to fit their crazy schedule! We got you! Email [email protected] and tell us all about it and we’ll come up with the perfect plan!

Welcome Interns Lacey and Jordan!

In an awesome twist of luck and good fortune, we had TWO amazing Mizzou students approach us about interning for the summer! I’m excited to add Lacey Paul and Jordan Helterbrand to the staff for the summer season to help with a bunch of new projects we have in the works! Here is what they want you to know about them!

Jordan Helterbrand

Hi! My name is Jordan Helterbrand, and I’m the Marketing intern for CrossFit Fringe this summer. I’m from Hudson, Wisconsin, and I’m currently attending the University of Missouri Journalism School. Fitness and healthy living have been a conscious commitment of mine for about four years now, and I am so excited to combine my passion for fitness, marketing, and social media. Although I’m new to the whole CrossFit community/training style, as I’ve been mainly weightlifting thus far, I jumped at the opportunity to learn about new ways to shock the body and switch up my training! I am looking forward to learning about, promoting and capturing all the wonderful moments of this brand and its people.


Lacey Paul

I’m a junior at Mizzou majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication and minoring in Psychology. I’m from Kansas City, MO, but decided to stay in Columbia and work/intern for the summer! (I’m working part-time at Sherwin-Williams, so hit a girl up with any of your paint-related needs) I’m a fitness and health junky and enjoy weight training and the occasional cardio sweat-sesh. I love cooking and I’m always looking for fun and healthy recipes to try, but I will substitute meat out because I’ve been a vegetarian for almost four years! I’m also a movie buff and I’ve watched all 10 seasons of Friends at least six times through. I’m extremely outgoing and very much a people person who can talk to almost anyone! I’m beyond excited to work with an awesome organization and even cooler people and look forward to working with all of you. Thanks so much for welcoming me to the Fringe family!

Save the Date: Superheroes in Training Camp

It’s back, the Fringe Kids Summer Camp will return as the Superheroes in Training Camp to Fringe West from July 23-27 from 8 am to Noon! Details and registration coming soon!

Fringe CrossFit Kids Summer Camp Superheroes in Training

Brooke Wells Central Regional Results

In what can only be described as the most dominant, least anxiety-ridden Regionals to date, we watched as Brooke was able to finish every single event in the top-7. No events forced us to hold our breath and hope for the best. No, this year, we just got to see a more mature, calm, cool, and very collected Brooke Wells. From day one, it was clear that she was on a mission to make it back to the Game for the fourth year – and as we watched her dominate events, it was clear that she would be punching her ticket back to Madison. Congratulations on your first place podium finish Brookie!

Celebrate Independence and Help our Community on July Fourth!

Typically about the time I’m completing the 15 air squats on my last round of Murph, I’m thinking that July Fourth will be here before we know it and it’s one of my favorite holidays to WOD, plus its one that we always try to infuse with charitable giving.

Come and join us on the on the Fourth of July at 9 a.m. at Fringe East for a community WOD, a fundraiser to support our Mid-Missouri neighbors, and of course coffee and doughnuts!

We’ll be kicking off a Flash Donation Drive to benefit The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri. They are specifically looking for:

  • Canned, pop-top entree items (ravioli, chicken, tuna)
  • Canned fruit with pop-tops or the peel back plastic single serves (usually come in a four pack)
  • Single serve peanut butter

While the items above are high on the list of needed items, we will be collecting any non-perishable food or health and beauty items (including diapers and formula!) to help them keep their supplies up! We will have a barrel at East/West starting on Monday, July 2 in the afternoon. The barrel will be there through the morning of Monday, July 9. Feel free to share with your friends and coworkers! Let’s make sure we fill at least one barrel! We will also take any donated items from East over to the collection barrel for you guys too – so let’s show support for our Mid-Missouri neighbors in need!

You can RSVP to the official Facebook event here. 

Upcoming Events

  • 6/18: CrossFit Elements (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe West
  • 7/4: July Fourth WOD & Fundraiser
  • 7/23-7/27: Superheroes in Training Summer Camp (CrossFit Kids)
  • 7/9: CrossFit Elements (PM Session – 6:30 pm) at CrossFit Fringe East

Facility Update

We have some older, reconditioned equipment for sale for anyone interested in adding to their home gym. Most notably all of our older Airdynes have been given extensive love and repair and are all in tip-top-like-new condition. Seriously, Ray worked his butt off to fix, clean, and detail each bike with meticulous care. We have both analog and the digital version available ($200 and $250 respectively). We also have one fully reconditioned rower that is up for grabs at the low price of $800 for our members. It has also been fully detailed and had a brand new monitor added to it.

We will later list these online, but wanted to offer first dibs to anyone in the gym that is interested! Email [email protected] if you’d like to know more about these!

From the Question/Comment Box:

To Thirst or Not?

It’s summer, it’s hot and humid. We all know we should drink liquids to stay hydrated year-round and it is even more important during the hot summer months. I often get asked by people how much they should be drinking to stay healthy and perform, and while the answer isn’t quite as simple as replacing the water you sweat, especially if you’re a CrossFit athlete, it also isn’t worth fretting about.

Basic Daily Hydration

What counts as adding to your hydration status? Is water the only thing you can drink? Absolutely not! You have coffee or juice in the morning? That counts towards your daily total. How about fruit? It adds a little to your total as well.

Anything liquid you drink within reason (you know, not so much alcohol) adds to your total hydration. The takeaway is that you can have more than water to stay hydrated and to be ready to perform at your best! Aim to take in roughly half your body weight in ounces daily.

Workout days


Workout days are a little different because they place more demand on your body as well your hydration amount. Heading to the gym for a workout without having had anything to drink, is a recipe for a poor training session.

About two to three hours before heading to the gym, make sure you have 16-20 ounces of water. Then when you get to the gym, drink another 6-10 ounces to ensure you’re primed and ready to do your best.1 You shouldn’t feel like you have “cotton mouth” or any difficulty swallowing. A little thirst is ok, but it shouldn’t debilitating!  


During WOD

For most of CrossFit WODs, we don’t need to drink much of anything during the actual workout. For example, if we’re pushing the pace on “Fran,” it’s a 2 min workout for those top RX athletes, and possibly closer to 7-10 minutes for those of us who scale back. That short time frame doesn’t warrant a need for more to drink (I’m looking at you and that water bottle Goans and others!).

However, on those longer AMRAPs of 20 minutes or more, or possibly a hero workout like we just knocked out with “Murph” we may benefit from a little-added hydration. Suggested amounts vary between roughly 3-12 ounces for every 15 minutes of physical activity2. In that case during ‘“Murph,” most of us would want to drink anywhere from 10-40 ounces to stay hydrated and performing well.

Long story short

In general, it’s safe to assume that for a one-hour class, having 20 – 24 ounces of water (or your beverage of choice) is adequate for rehydration. We likely haven’t lost much by way of electrolytes, outside of those really hot days, so water would really be the preferred source.

We’re always happy to discuss these types of topics specifically with athletes to ensure you are taken care of, so don’t hesitate to email us ([email protected]). Addressing your hydration specifically is important, but getting the right message is also key.

1Binkley, HM, Beckett, J, Casa, DJ, Kleiner, DM, and Plummer, PE. National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Fluid Replacement for Athletes. Journal of Athletic Training 35(2):212-224, 2000.

2Sawka MN, et al. “American College of Sports Medicine position stand. Exercise and fluid replacement.”.Med Science Sports Exercise 2007;39:377-390. Accessed May 3, 2014.


Have an amazing month of love, lifts, and GAINS! As always, if you need anything, you can reach out to us on social media, or email [email protected].