Let’s celebrate “Rainbows and Sunshine” :: We will miss you Kaitlan Prugger


As you may be aware, CrossFit Fringe lost a member of the family yesterday. Kaitlan Prugger passed away while on a hike around a waterfall in Hawaii. If you knew her, the idea of those being her final moments are in a weird way somewhat comforting, at least to me. She was in her element, always on an adventure — seeking out moments and places to rival her immense passion for life.


In CrossFit, she was always the first to jump in and try new things — whether it was hanging nearly limbless from the rig with Rosie, or attempting double digit PRs “just because.” Her warm-ups as a trainer were legendary and her clothes were so bright they often hurt to look at. And her socks, well, let’s just say I don’t think she owned a matching pair. She was incredibly authentic, and the memories we have of her could fill books. She gave so much to United, and subsequently Fringe, and more importantly to each person she met. She gifted us the PR bell that hangs over the whiteboard, and the walker to torture each other with. She was also the first to suggest that we have a ladies night because she wanted us girls to have more time together.

So as it seems fitting, Tuesday’s classes and WOD will be dedicated to Kaitlan. In her memory, we encourage you to wear your brightest colors, tye-dye, mis-matched socks, and enthusiasm.

“Sunshine and Rainbows WOD:

4 Rounds, Fight Gone Bad-Style

  • Inverted Burpees
  • Squat Clean Thrusters (115/75)
  • Cartwheel Burpees
  • Rest

Score + favorite memory of Kaitlan for those who knew her.

This will be our WOD tomorrow for all classes, ending with Ladies night when we will gather to share memories and be together as we were for her farewell to Miami. You can also share your favorite memories of her below in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate “Rainbows and Sunshine” :: We will miss you Kaitlan Prugger”

  1. I was Kaitlan’s best friend from when we were really little. She loved Crossfit and always talked about you all often when she would come back to St. Louis to see me and her family. Every kind word you said above described her to a “T.” She was such a blessing to this world and I don’t know how I will make it without her. Thank you for this dedicated WOD. I bet she is smiling down from heaven with pleasure! Thank you for being a part of her life!

  2. Natalie Fallert

    I was Kaitlan’s cheer coach and freshmen English teacher. She was definitely a character. My favorite and most frustrating memory of her was doing handstands. When we would be working on a stunt and would begin arguing or drilling out different pieces we would look around and realize she was MIA! Where was she?? off in the corner doing handstands – innocently having the time of her life. She lived in her own world, but that is what everyone loved about her. I loved watching her grow into a young woman and chronicling her adventures on Facebook. She knew exactly who she was and what she wanted and was not afraid to go after it. I only hope I can teach half of this ambition and determination to my children.

  3. Thank you for doing this. As Coach Fallert pointed out above, Kaitlan was known in high school for being the handstand and cartwheel queen. She was the most genuinely happy person I’ve ever met. This WOD is a perfect tribute to her.

    BARx CrossFit will be doing this WOD with you tomorrow night to celebrate Kaitlan.

    We’re all better people for having her in our lives.

  4. She had many friends in Miami. We did a WOD today in her memory. So sad she is not with us. She was a good soul. God bless.

  5. Christy O'Brien

    I’m just a neighbor of Kaitlan’s and would see her workout on her lawn (from my viewpoint on my pontoon anchored in the middle of the lake)…wondering about all the crazy exercise moves she would make from one end to the other, then after that she would dip into the lake and swim the width from one side to the other. I’d keep an eye on her in case she’d get a cramp or something else happen to her, but she breeze through the swimming, hop on her “surfboard” and paddle the length of the lake to the dam….and finally, take a nappie poo on the board, all the time drifting slowly, aimlessly back to her house. I had to envy her energy level…she was amazing. I can only imagine now she is getting the heavens in shape with plans for some stellar adventures so fabulous we can even fathom.

  6. Christy O'Brien

    PS. PS. Btw, the other person that matched Kaitlan’s colorful “mismatch” would probably be her mom Lisa. If Kaitlan had one mismatched sox…Lisa probably had the other one on! On that note…next time you see a rainbow, I’m betting it will be “brighter”!

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  8. I met Kaitlin the summer she graduated from high school in the outer banks of North Carolina. Over the next five years I was inspired by her strength, intelligence and spirit. I can’t tell you how much I miss her….to say she was a pure soul is an understatement and I can only hope to meet someone like her again. Love you Mark