Monthly Box Giveback!

monthly box giveback - CrossFit Fringe

monthly box giveback - CrossFit Fringe

It’s been a busy past few months hasn’t it? Between the Open and plenty of other happenings, we’ve noticeably gotten away from our monthly Friday Night Light’s events. We apologize. While we work to traverse the next few months of transition, we thought we’d at least try to get back on track with giving back to our community.

You might know there is a box that lives at the front desk (yes a box in a box). Right now it’s holding the money for anyone who wants a Fringe wristband (still available), but we’re going to make that the monthly cause donation box. Each month we will choose a new cause and the hope is that you all will open your hearts and donate to the causes we choose (and you can suggest).

This first month’s (May) cause is near and dear to Coach Intern Libby’s heart: The National Association for the Empowerment of Hypochondroplastic Adults and Minors. She’s done a great deal of work with this organization through her professional work, and since the donation box is her brainchild, it seems only right she pick the first cause.

The box is available at the front desk, and will be open to this cause through the month of May. Donate now!