New Open Gym Hours

CrossFit Open Gym Hours - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

After reviewing Open Gym hours and attendance, we decided it was time to expand them to give more people time to get in and work on their own. We are expanding the Open Gym hours offered and this will also allow for individual programming options. Look for a follow-up blog soon with details about individual programs later in the week from Coach Angelo.

New Open Gym Hours*

  • Monday-Friday: 5:30AM-7:30AM
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2:30PM-4:30PM
  • Tuesday and Thurday: 7:30PM-8:30pPM

*Saturday and Sunday times will remain the same, 11am-1pm and 12-2pm, respectfully

These changes will go into effect on July 6!

As a reminder: Open Gym is reserved for those members with Unlimited Memberships. We will require sign-ins during these times to assess who is utilizing the gym and see if there are further hours we will need to add. Also, if you’re in for Open Gym while a class is going on, please respect the class and coaches and realize they have priority to space and equipment.

2 thoughts on “New Open Gym Hours”

    1. Jessica Kohler

      Matt, these changes only affect the weekdays so far. As we continue to evaluate, we’ll definitely look at the weekend hours as well and update when any changes go into effect.