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Outliers –

This first month has flown by and we could not be more impressed by how amazing our community is.  We have seen PR’s galore – so many that the poor, abused PR bell nearly fell off the wall!  And already we look forward to seeing more epic accomplishments.  We can truly say that we have been overwhelmed by the support and acceptance that our athletes have given us since we decided to shift gears with Fringe.  We can’t wait to see what the coming months will bring!  Thank you all, sincerely.

As we look forward, we have more news to share with you-

Clinch Gear Partners with Fringe

We are excited to be able to finally announce that CrossFit Fringe will be partnering with Clinch Gear to bring our athletes custom WOD shorts.  These shorts are the top of line for functionality, and not to mention great looking.  Retail on these custom bad boys -$69.99.  But since both Nate Bacott and Charlie Racinowski are sponsored by Clinch, we are able to offer them 20% off!  That means a final price of $56 – cheaper than Reebok, 2 pood, Fight Through or any other company…

We will accept pre-orders through August 15th for these.  Unfortunately, we will not keep many pairs on hand.  This is a one-time order.  For sizing info click here.  (Ladies, we are working on something specifically for you as well.  If you have suggestions, let us know!)CF_Fringe_shorts_mock_v3

Shirt Design Challenge

Looks like you guys have been very supportive of CrossFit Fringe and take pride in your gym, we can say this because we are yet again nearly out of shirts!  Now we are throwing out a little challenge to you.  A design challenge.  Our imaginations are not nearly as good as those in our community, so whoever sends us the best design for our next t-shirt will win not only a free shirt but a gift card as thanks.  We will keep this contest open until August 15th – unless we are blown away even sooner!  Send all submissions to [email protected]


Stronger, Healthier, Faster Supplements

After talking it over with several members, and some lengthy discussion we have decided to partner with Stronger, Healthier, Faster to offer another supplement line in addition to Progenex.  SFH is a family owned company that uses nothing but the purest of ingredients in their products.  They have some of, if not the, cleanest products on the market.  Their protein is derived from a grass fed, free range cows, which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones.  Their Omega-3 is mercury free, with no heavy metals or toxins.

Get more info at Stronger, Healthier, Faster


Attitude Nation

Jon and Jessica North are coming on August 18th for a day of Olympic Weightlifting technique, demonstration, and discussion.  This is truly a unique chance for all levels of lifters to get some one-on-one input from actual experts in the field, with lots of hands-on work.  This once in a lifetime event is sure to improve some part of your lifts for everyone in attendance.  Spots are nearly filled, so do not wait too long if you’re interested.

To register, please go to The Attitude Nation.  At the bottom of the page click on Registration and then Select “CrossFit Fringe” from the drop-down menu.


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