Ogar Strong Weekend for CrossFit Fringe!

CrossFit Fringe at Ogar Strong Battle for Courage - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO


CrossFit Fringe at Ogar Strong Battle for Courage - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

CrossFit Fringe was extremely honored to send not 1, not 2, but 3 teams to the Ogar Strong Battle for Courage event in St. Louis on Labor Day weekend. This event was dedicated to raise funds for our good friend, Kevin Ogar, who’s life was forever changed in an accident at a CrossFit competition earlier this year paralyzing him from the waste down. Kevin has had bounless support from the CrossFit community since his injury and this weekend was a great demonstration of just how much support could be given.

Battle for Courage was organized by Rochelle Simmer Thayer, Owner of CrossFit TNT and good friend of Kevin. She organized hundreds of athletes, vendors, runners, and even professional Reebok athletes to come together in support of Kevin and by the end of the weekend raised $65,000 to help Kevin on his recovery.

“It was my first crossfit comp, so just being there witnessing the awesomeness was my highlight….oh and Nate making overhead squats his bitch! that was pretty cool!”

– William Henderson, member of Team BOOM! and Kevin’s Cousin.

“I loved the community-centered aspect of it. CrossFitters spending the weekend together going balls-to-the-wall in an effort to support an awesome fellow CrossFitter–doesn’t get much better than that! And also being reminded to be grateful for what you have. Maybe it can feel like reaching fItness goals can be difficult- a lot of hard work, maybe some unexpected set backs- But the reality is that you have a healthy body that CAN work towards those things. Appreciating what you currently have is success in itself. I definitely had to remind myself of that on the 5k!”


“I’ve known Kevin for a long time and we both started CrossFit together. This competition was an amazing opportunity to show our love for Kev and how amazing the CrossFit community can be!”

– Nate Bacott


Coach Nate going for a 300lb Triple Overhead Squat in Event 2!


Coach Mitch and Tyler tagging off in Saturday evenings partner Sprint WOD. This Scaled team for Fringe tied with 3 others for 2nd in their division.


Michelle Rickel flying through her hang cleans as her teammate Whitney G. run’s the 150m Shuttle.



Dan Cayce having a relaxing Paddleboard to finish off Sunday’s Team Chipper