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Vesta Hotchkiss Nutrition Coaching Testimonial

How Fringe Nutrition’s Habit-Based Approach Transformed Vesta’s Vegan Fitness Journey

Are you tired of counting macros and filling in spreadsheets with no real progress? At Fringe Nutrition, we believe in a personalized approach to achieving…

Tory Flaherty

Tory Flaherty’s Fringe Personal Training Story: Building a Barbell Babe

We are thrilled to introduce you to Tory Flaherty! Who is Tory Flaherty? Tory Flaherty (pictured below) is a former collegiate volleyball athlete with an incredible…

Sarah Owens

Sarah Owen’s Fringe Nutrition Story: A Journey to Health and Baby

Who is Sarah Owens? Sarah Owens (pictured below on the far right) is an amazing athlete in the gym and has always been motivated, coachable,…