Return of Saturday Seminars: Open Prep

Saturday Seminars at CrossFit Fringe

Saturday Seminars at CrossFit Fringe

As the CrossFit Open quickly approaches, we know there are many Outliers that need specific help addressing some of their weaknesses. We want to help, so we’ve planned 5 weeks of Saturday Seminars addressing popular movements from past Open workouts!

The movements covered will be:

  • Muscle-Ups (with Coach Stout)
  • Toes-to-Bar / Handstand Push-ups (with Coach Mitch)
  • Double-Unders (with Coaches Tyler and Keel)
  • Barbell Cycling and Pacing (with Coach Angelo)
  • Kipping and Butterfly efficiency (staff TBD)

The order of the above movement classes will be determined by the Open announcement and may have prerequisites as well as be limited in number. The class size will be kept low (6-8 participants) to ensure that each participant receives plenty of one-on-one instruction.

However, since we know that barbell cycling and pacing plays a role in all workouts, we’ve chosen that as our first (Week 1) seminar, which will take place on February 20th at 10amThe cost to attend will be $20/seminar (or $35 to include your own jump rope on the DU seminar).

For the following/remaining weeks, the Saturday Seminar Open Preps will be tailored to what is released on Thursday night. That will allow participants a chance to work the movement Saturday and then complete the workout with their newly honed skills on Sunday/Monday.

Sound exciting? Watch for in-class announcements and posts on our social media channels around each Open announcement! You can sign-up via email at [email protected] or via our contact us page.