RhinoFit Schedule

Outlier Athletes –

It has been our goal from opening day to implement online scheduling.  You were all emailed information on how to login and access the online schedule when you signed up originally.  We feel like it is time to begin to take advantage of that feature.

Beginning Monday August 19th, we would like you to begin signing up for the classes you plan on attending.  There will be class size limits, but they are set at a very reasonable and familiar amount.  Please take the time to understand how the scheduler works and make use of it.  We are doing this so that you can get the most hands-on time with a coach and so that we know exactly what to plan for with classes.

For the this first couple weeks, we will let it slide if you forget to select a class time or if we are hitting the upper end of limits.  But by September 1st, we will insist that you select your class ahead of time.  If we have to (which we hope NEVER happens), we will ask you to wait until the next class.


Keep being awesome,

CFF Staff

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