Saturday Seminar: Deadlift Technique with Coach Ben

Deadlift Technique - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

CrossFit Fringe Saturday Seminar this week: Deadlift Technique with Coach Ben Frissell

Beginning at 8 AM this Saturday, June 7, Coach Ben will be hosting a Deadlift Technique Seminar :: The seminar will offer a series of drills and one-on-one coaching to help with the proper mechanics of the deadlift. Many people love the deadlift because they can get away with bad form and still lift a lot of weight. However, you’re setting the foundation for an inevitable future injury that will significantly stall your progress. This seminar will cover the proper set-up and execution of the lift, including arm placement, bar bath, and leg drive, as well as various strategies to prepare and properly recover.

The seminar will be capped for attendance to 12 participants.