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CrossFit Games Open Season is nearly here!

With many athletes still getting back into a routine, how do we ramp up for competition time?

If you’re like us, you can barely wrap your head around the fact that 2021 is over, let alone that the 2022 CrossFIt Games Open is coming up in less than a month. We know that a lot of you, despite your efforts, feel anxious about the state of your fitness.

Have no fear, the CrossFit Games Open Prep Series is here!

The Open provides CrossFitters, both competitive and everyday gym-goer, opportunities to push themselves with their community. Whether thats attempting a new skill, repeating a benchmark workout, or maxing a lift. Each year we have opportunities to show just how much we’ve grown in the training program we all love!

Whether you are serious about your spot on the leaderboard, or you just want to feel good, move well, and recover, our Open Prep Series offers a chance to polish up your favorite movements and maybe even gain some new skills!

Session dates:

Every Saturday from 11:00am-12:00 pm, beginning on January 29th for 4 weeks.

  • Week 1 – January 29: Wall Walks & Handstand Push-Ups
  • Week 2 – February 5: Hanging Gymnastics (T2B, Pull-Up, C2B)
  • Week 3 – February 12: Double Unders!
  • Week 4 – February 19: Bar Muscle-Ups
  • February 23rd: The 2022 CrossFit Games Open begins!

Class Format:

Each session will be 1 hour. We will spend 30-40 minutes of each session working on skill and technique work, followed by a fun group workout!

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Almost every year since the CrossFit Open began in 2011 they have found a way to get everyone inverted! We’ll be working from the ground up (so to speak) on getting athletes more comfortable with handstands & handstand variations such as Pike, Wall-Walk, or Handstand walking. The “kip” can be applied to both Toes to Bar & pull-up variations in many CrossFit Open formats. Shoulder strength is key, but other components such as rhythm and workout structure play key roles in developing multi-use gymnastics skills. We’ll be covering the various techniques but also strategies to keep those hands & shoulders healthy!The elusive Double Under. Is it rhythm? Is it rope speed? Is your rope the right size? These are all factors we address for this seemingly simple but hard earned monostructural skill. This one fills up FAST so sign up soon! Everyone wants that fabled high-level skill: The Bar Muscle Up. It’s a combination of strength, flexibility, midline stability, and timing. All this and more will be covered on this Saturday Seminar as we cover some new technical building blocks to help you feel out one of the benchmark gymnastics movements in CrossFit.