Strength Day!

Main – CrossFit

Strength Days like today help us keep our bodies in line, healthy, and evenly developed…Oh, and we get to squat heavy!

A: Partner MedBall Warm-Up (No Measure)

About 12 feet away, facing your partner, perform the following:

-Granny Tosses

-Thruster Tosses

-Side Pitch (R/L)

-OH Toss

-Sit Up Toss

Perform the following in transition between tosses:

-Air Squats (15)

-Walk out to Push-Up

-Turn Outs


B: Front Squat (5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@90%,5+@75%)

C1: Bent Over Row (12-12-12-12-12)

C2: Banded Pull-Apart (15-15-15-15-15)

C3: Bicep Curl (5×10-15)

-Rest 2 Minutes