Summer Road Construction

Summer Road Construction - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

With summer comes inevitable summer road construction and if you’ve been annoyed by the maze that is the roads we are here to unfortunately deliver some more annoying news…

Significant construction on or near the Route WW and Highway 63 interchange will begin around May 27th and continue for MANY weeks following. Aside from the early access issues to Route WW from the 63 northbound off-ramp, the biggest impediment appears to be when the bridge over Hominy Branch is closed after the July 4th holiday. Below is the proposed schedule.

Tuesday, 5/27:  Begin with the NB off-ramp from Route 63 to Route WW (Broadway). Operations to close the bridge will begin at approximately 7:00 pm that evening. The bridge will then be closed for 9 days, and should re-open by 6:00 am on Friday, June 6th.

Monday, 6/29: The closure for the southbound on-ramp would then take place and should re-open by 6:00 am on Thursday, June 19th.

Tuesday, 7/8: Work will begin on the Route WW bridge over Hominy Creek, concurrently with the Route WW bridge over Route 63. The working days for these bridges is set at 45 days. The Route WW bridge over Hominy Creek will also be completely closed during this time, and the Route WW bridge over Route 63 will be completed one-half of the bridge at a time with concrete barriers separating the open lanes from the work zone.

Even though we understand that the closure of these bridges will undoubtedly add commute time to the gym, we’ve worked up a few alternative routes scenarios:

From the North

From the South

Classes will be flexible to these delayed drive times and there will be no penalty for being late. We will continue to evaluate the situation as it unfolds and make additional compensation opportunities available as necessary.