Wodify we’re breaking up: It’s not us, its you.

Wodify Break-up - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

So if you haven’t noticed, it’s been a little tense around the gym lately. It’s never easy to end a relationship that isn’t working, but we’re here to finally announce our break-up. Effective July 1st…

Wodify we’re breaking up you. It’s not us, it’s you…

You’ve probably noticed over the past couple months that we’ve been having some issues with our workout tracking and class sign-ins. From the spinning wheel of death to frequent down times, Wodify has been suffering from some growing pains, and it’s been hurting us as a gym. Sure we have the backup whiteboard, but when we invest so much in software, we expect near perfection! And as we grow and expand, we want to make sure we have the infrastructure in place to support us. Our impending move just made the timing seem all the more right to finally act on our misery.

We’ve definitely changed too. Over time, we have realized that the all-in-one model just isn’t doing it. Wodify has been used for all our billing purposes and our workout tracking, which leads to lots and lots of headaches for me, Angelo, and Stout on the backend. What should only take a little bit of time, ends up taking us hours each week.

So in an effort to devote more time to you, our members, our switch will involve moving to TWO platforms. There are some logistics to work out – but the long and short of it is, we will use Push Press to run our back of the house metrics and billing, and also use the oldest and most proven workout tracking software out there with Beyond the White Board (BTWB).

Push Press Gym Management Software - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

Push Press will be how we manage your memberships from now on. We expect to see fewer issues with communication and we will have better integration with our website. I’d break this down for you, but honestly that’s Neil and Jess’s world, and I only know enough to get myself in trouble. What you need to know is that you’ll no longer see bills from Wodify and that we will be sending you an email about getting your billing info setup in the new system over the next couple weeks. Your billing date will remain the same, as will rates, so not much change on your end! We will be putting out how-to-guides for anyone that needs a little more assistance. We’ve been in contact with Push Press for the past year as they continue to refine their product and we are continually impressed with their service and commitment to their product and service.

Beyond the Whiteboard - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

BTWB has been around since 2008 and has literally over a million logged workouts. They have a great app for your smartphone as well. Advantages are numerous; you can log your workouts away from Fringe and while you’re traveling, you can easily add in any extra work you’re getting in, and you can see how your workouts are scored not just within our gym, but worldwide!

There is a downside though: your data from Wodify will not directly transfer over. We are already working on that though! We’ve put together a list of key lifts and benchmarks that we as coaching staff will export from Wodify for you by July 1st. Once we do this, you will have to input into BTWB as you have time, or we can assist if you’re having trouble. We tried to seek out the most halfway point we could reach given there is no data export, and we hope it won’t cause you too much inconvenience. As always please let us know how we can help!

So there it is. We hope these changes will bring a much better experience (for you and us) and that going forward, tracking and managing your progress is a lot easier for all of us. Again, if you have any questions, or need assistance at any point, don’t hesitate to grab us at the gym or drop us a line!

Wodify Break-up - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO