Friday Night Lights “Lift Up Luke” Event was an Amazing Success!

With approximately 80 athletes in attendance and over 100 people at the Outlier overall, Lift Up Luke turned out to be a bigger and more incredible event than we could have hoped for. As athletes and spectators from all over Mid-Missouri came through our doors our enthusiasm grew even more than before as we started to kick off the event.



We were even fortunate enough to have one of our friends, Scott Shade and his son Ryan in for a visit. Ryan is 10 years old and has Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, Ryan is a great student and from what we saw, a major fitness enthusiast. Ryan not only joined us for “Luke” but showed off quite a bit of skill with various pull-ups on our rig. Ryans and Scott’s attendance really helped us shed light on how helpful organizations and fundraisers such as “Lift Up Luke” can be.


Following our opening announcements and a few words from Scott, we kicked off heats of 10-12 athletes at a time. There were 7 heats in total before the event slowed down and everyone gathered for some laughs, drinks, and just hanging out with fellow CrossFitters from the area. A few gyms that joined us were our neighbors Crossfit COMO and our friends from Jefferson City CrossFit.


This turned into an amazing community event where all walks of life in our community came together for a great cause. High fives were passed out, cheers were yelled, and all at the end we all squeezed in for a group photo.


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