Kelsie Bacott: From CrossFit to Marathon Success

Meet Kelsie Bacott, a former Division-1 distance runner with a passion for running who faced setbacks due to injuries and burnout. Her journey took a remarkable turn when she discovered CrossFit. Here’s how she went from CrossFit to a marathon milestone.

Rediscovering Running

After college, Kelsie slowly reintroduced herself to running, focusing on pushing her own limits rather than competing with others. “I found a renewed love for running, testing myself against my own limits and not against competitors.” Her love for running reignited when she and her coach (now husband) Nate considered tackling half and full marathons.

Nate emphasized that the journey was about Kelsie’s fulfillment. Nate recalls, “I wanted her to know that this journey was about her own fulfillment. Together, they designed a training regimen inspired by a Harvard experiment, “The Less is More Marathon Plan.’

The Magic Formula

Kelsie’s weekly routine was simple yet effective:

  • 2-3 Running Sessions: Incorporating intervals, tempo runs, and longer distances.
  • 2-3 CrossFit Classes: Minimizing activities that could strain her ankles or increase her running volume.

Community Support

Kelsie’s community at CrossFit Fringe played a significant role in her journey. They joined her on weekend runs, turning these challenging sessions into community bonding events.

The Journey

Over a rigorous 16-week summer-to-fall program, Kelsie prepared for the Kansas City Marathon, which coincided with personal milestones as she and Nate tied the knot. She had doubts along the way but persevered. She recalls the anxiety, “I listened to my body, sometimes even skipping runs, but doubted whether I’d prepared enough.

Setting Ambitious Goals

Midway through her training, Kelsie ambitiously set her sights on qualifying for the Chicago Marathon, then the Boston Marathon, with plans to start a family in 2025.

Culmination of Efforts

On October 21st, 2023, Kelsie ran the Kansas City Marathon with a goal to shadow the 3:30 pace runner. Remarkably, she had only run 20 miles in training, but her CrossFit conditioning and new running strategy paid off.

Kelsie’s finishing time was an impressive 3:23:47, averaging 7:47 per mile. This not only surpassed her target but also secured qualifying times for both the 2024 Chicago and 2025 Boston Marathons.

Enhanced Fitness

CrossFit not only improved Kelsie’s running but also her overall fitness. She achieved personal bests in various lifts including: 

  • Bench Press: 130lbs
  • Front Squat: 185lbs
  • Overhead Squat: 110lbs (a 25# PR!) 
  • Strict Press Double: 95lbs

She also competed at the 2023 Monster Games. All this while maintaining her lean muscle mass and a healthy body fat percentage.

CrossFit: A Powerful Addition to Marathon Training

Kelsie Bacott’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of CrossFit. CrossFit is a versatile and scalable fitness program that can help to improve your running performance by increasing your speed, power, and endurance. It can also help to reduce your risk of injury by strengthening your muscles and joints.

Adding CrossFit to your marathon training plan can help to create a foundation that elevates every aspect of your athleticism. CrossFit workouts are typically shorter than long runs, but they are also more intense. This can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness and ability to run long distances.

If you are serious about improving your running performance and reducing your risk of injury, consider adding CrossFit to your training plan. With the guidance of a qualified coach, you can develop a safe and effective plan that meets your individual needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Ready to Get Started

Inspired by Kelsie’s journey from CrossFitter to marathon success story? It’s never too late to rewrite your own athletic narrative. At CrossFit Fringe, we’re not just a gym, but a community of individuals dedicated to elevating each other. Whether you’re aiming for your first marathon or setting new PRs, our seasoned team of coaches is here to sculpt your path. Dive in, and let us be the catalyst to your unparalleled fitness story.