Leg Day!

Main – CrossFit

Today is primarily a Strength Day but don’t let it fool you…We have some very lengthy workouts in the days to come!

A: Relay Warm-Up + Monster Bands (No Measure)

In a relay fashion, the athletes will be put into lines and follow each other through various running, crawling, and jumping drills.

-Lunges/Reverse Lunges

-Stout Squats/Over and Unders

– Inch-Worm/ Elephant Walks

-Hawaiian Squats/Toy Soldiers

-High Knee’s

-Butt Kicks

-Side Shuffle

-Straight Legged Bear Crawl

-Burpee Broad Jump

Monster Walks & Side Steps with Banded Ankles.

B: Back Squat (3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90%,3+@70%)

C1: Front Rack Lunge (3×8-12 Each Leg (30s Rests))

Use Kettlebells

C2: Kettlebell Press (4×8-12 Each Side (30s-1 Minute Rest))

D: Hollow Body Hold (3 Minutes (Score is Accumulated Time))