Susie Howard shares her Regionals experience

Susie Howard shares her Regional Volunteer Experience - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO


We’re extremely proud that our very own Susie Howard graciously volunteered her time at CrossFit Games Central Super Regionals over the past weekend. If you didn’t know, volunteering at Regionals is a time-intensive and requires a decent amount of preparation and training. Susie volunteered for the medical team and we were lucky to still get some time to hang out and see her while we were there. Here’s our interview with Susie:

First, how long have you been doing CF?

I’ve been CrossFitting for 3 yrs now.

What made you want to volunteer for the event?

I wanted to volunteer to support Brooke and also to give back to the community I love.

What was your volunteer role and what kind of training and preparation did you have to do?

My job was a few different things. I did set up and security on Thursday. The rest of the weekend I ran the clock and provided first responder coverage on the floor. No special training since I’ve been a medic for 15 years in the Army.

Who was the coolest person you got to meet?

I meet a lot of great athletes, however the one who stood out was Matt Rattay aka “Mighty Mouse.” He was just so happy to be there. He was a ray of sunshine everyday. He took the time to speak to me everyday.

What was your biggest take away from the weekend?

The biggest take away from this weekend was everyone no matter the fitness level has an area of weakness.

How’s training going?

I’m training for the Kentucky State Powerlifting meet in the masters division in the 67kg weight class. The meet is on June 20th. (which is why we haven’t seen Susie around as much lately!)

So awesome! Thanks for volunteering and representing us so well over the Regionals weekend, and we can’t wait to hear how your hard work and training pays off and you kick ass at your meet!