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Clinch Gear Shorts Preorder - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

Clinch Gear Shorts Preorder - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

It’s fall, and that means it’s time to add some more CrossFit Fringe gear to your wardrobe! We are currently putting together an order for men’s and women’s shorts from Clinch Gear. As you might know, we have sponsored Clinch athletes in our midst — Nate Bacott and Charlie Racinowski, and Clinch is also sponsoring our Rx HOA team, so without a doubt we should rep and show our support to both them and this great company wherever possible.

So about these shorts…

For women:

Clinch Gear CrossFit Fringe Booty Shorts

Product Example
Sizes: S-XL
Price: $35
Two words: booty shorts. I can see some of your eyes hitting the floor from here ladies. You think you can’t wear booty shorts. I was like you, I scrutinized every part of my body and made excuses for why I didn’t feel worthy of the booty short. Then one day I bought a pair and wore them to the gym on squat day. It was the most liberating day of my life! I felt like such a badass, and I didn’t care how I looked. And those shorts weren’t even as cool as these! Think of the possibilities!

CrossFit Fringe booty short - CrossFit Fringe

Clinch Gear CrossFit Fringe Capris

Product Example
Sizes: S-XL
Price: $55
If I haven’t sold you on the awesome performance-enhancing powers of the booty short, it is available in the capri — sure to enhance the awesome shape of ginormous quads, shapely hamstrings and impressive calves. Show everyone you don’t skip leg day!

For men:

Clinch Gear CrossFit Fringe Performance Wrestling Short

Product Example
Sizes: 28-40
Price: $60
Sorry Juvers, no Chubbies. But these do come pretty close in awesomeness. Neil got a pair of these in the last order and they still look as good as the day he brought them home. Super high quality, lightweight, and durable, because let’s face it, you’re destroying it in the gym every day and ain’t nobody got time to waste on shorts that fall apart.

Men's shorts - CrossFit Fringe

Order now!

Pre-order on these custom bottoms will be available at the front desk or by email ([email protected]) until Monday, October 13 at 5:00 pm. Do not miss out! And stay tuned, we have some other items that will be available for order coming soon!