Good Luck to our competing Athletes!


CrossFit Fringe wants to extend our best wishes and good luck to all of our Athletes competing this weekend. We are literally competing on all sides of the state and we are so blessed by your dedication and drive to not only excel but have fun and be a part of the greater CrossFit community. We truly enjoy seeing members of our community seek out competition to test how CrossFit has made them grow as an athlete. If you see these amazing Outliers around the box, be sure to wish them good luck!

  • Chris Beahm (STL Tag Team Throwdown)
  • Esther Kim (STL Tag Team Throwdown)
  • Charlie R. (Kansas City Ice Games)
  • Jordyn Burnidge (Ozark Mountain Shredfest)
  • Madeline Komes (Ozark Mountain Shredfest)
  • Blas Yslas (Ozark Mountain Shredfest)
  • Nate Bacott (Ozark Mountain Shredfest)
  • Monica Doerr, BARx CrossFit (STL Tag Team Throwdown)

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