Jason’s Journey: Discovering the Power of Proper Fueling with Fringe Nutrition

Ever felt like you’re working hard on your fitness journey but unable to figure out how to make the nutrition lever work?

Meet Jason

Allow us to introduce you to Jason Cole, a Fringe member who unlocked the true potential of his journey by embracing proper nutrition with the help of Fringe Nutrition.

Jason, like many others, initially saw his journey with us as a mere workout routine. However, a year into his routine, a stark realization dawned. Staring at his diet, dominated by Monster energy drinks and unhealthy choices, he knew a deeper transformation was needed. Then, his eye caught the Elevate48 flyer, sparking the true beginning of his fitness transformation.

Jason is a dedicated father, husband, and passionate CrossFitter. Like many, he had struggled with the common misconceptions about nutrition. However, with Fringe Nutrition, he learned to look at food differently — as fuel.

The Shift in Perspective

Introducing Jason to a focus on macronutrients, aka counting macros, was a revelation. No longer was food just about taste or fulfilling cravings; it became the essential fuel for his body’s peak performance. Jason admitted, “I came to the quick realization that I’ve never properly fueled my body.

At his heaviest, Jason told his Fringe coaches that he was pushing 300 pounds, today Jason is sitting at a much healthier and comfortable 250 pounds!

Challenges and Triumphs

One of Jason’s primary challenges was the adage ‘eat less to lose weight’. It just didn’t work. Luckily, Fringe Nutrition’s constant support, especially on days he missed his macro goals, provided the gentle nudge he needed to stay on track. Jason remembers those friendly reminders, “Looking a little light today, boss,” as a pivotal factor in keeping him aligned with his nutrition goals.

Misconceptions and Fears

For many embarking on a new nutrition journey, one of the biggest anxieties is sacrificing beloved indulgences. For Jason, it was ice cream. His initial apprehension when logging a picture of ice cream during Elevate48 turned into a moment of revelation. He realized that occasional treats are not only possible, but perfectly compatible with progress. This realization empowered Jason and shifted his focus from deprivation to balance.

Empowerment and Flexibility

Jason found empowerment in the flexibility Fringe Nutrition offered. A cherished revelation was realizing that his favorite buffalo chicken wrap wasn’t the enemy but could be incorporated into his macro goals.

Evolving Mindset and Impact

Jason’s transformation wasn’t just physical. His perspective on nutrition shifted significantly. He emphasizes, “I now believe that my body functions at a higher level when I hit my macro and hydration goals.” This improved mindset cascaded into his family life as well, influencing his daughter’s choices and deepening their bond over shared health goals.

Jason’s Advice for Newbies

Feeling lost in the endless sea of nutrition advice? Jason’s got your back. His clear-cut advice? “Slow down, find a qualified guide, and embrace the grind. Celebrate every small victory, because they add up to big results.”

Looking Ahead

Jason remains excited about continuing on this path of health and strength. With the consistent support from the Fringe Nutrition team, he’s confident about meeting his objectives. In the next year, he envisions meeting “the healthiest, strongest, and most joyous version” of himself.

At Fringe Nutrition, our success is measured by stories like Jason’s. Embrace your unique journey, armed with the right knowledge and support, to discover the most empowered version of yourself. Join us in creating a sustainable nutrition journey tailored just for you.

Ready to get started?

Are you tired of feeling like a mad scientist every time you sit down to eat, desperately trying to figure out what’s best for your body? Look no further than Fringe Nutrition. We’re here to simplify your nutrition journey and help you experience the incredible benefits of a habit-based, lifestyle-focused approach. No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, our expert team of coaches will meet you there and guide you every step of the way.