Samantha Silverman Memorial WOD

Memorial WOD: Samantha Silverman - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MOThe hardest thing about memorializing CrossFitters is that there is no shortage of vibrancy and happiness to be found in the footprints they leave behind.

Samantha Silverman from XENDURANCE on Vimeo.

The Two Forty Four family lost one of their own last week. Samantha Silverman was an accomplished athlete, talented CrossFitter, and all around beautiful woman who passed away in a tragic car accident while helping a friend who had lost her father.

We know what it’s like to lose one of our own, so in a show of support we will do her Memorial WOD this Saturday for all classes:

1 mile run
24 snatches, 185#/125#
20 clean & jerks, 225#/155#
15 muscle-ups