Welcome to OUR House!

Welcome to OUR House - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

To all the members, present, past, and future of our Outlier Nation –

Ever since I first started CrossFit all those years ago, before there was a Fringe, I knew that for a community to be whole and deeply-rooted, there was a need for a place to call “home.” As we started to grow as a community we always wanted our home to be close to center and at the heart of Columbia and the campus communities of the University of Missouri, Stephens College, and Columbia College, as well as major employers and community organizations. While our current facility has served its role and was a great, great place to start, it always felt lacking in this, and as a result never truly felt like our forever home.

That being said, we’ve spent the past year searching high-and-low for the next Fringe location. Let me tell you, it was no walk in the park. There times when the search was overwhelming and felt impossible. But finally, at long last, a diamond in the rough was found! And so it is with immense happiness and pride, I’m able to say that we have finally procured our new home! The space we have secured has all the potential to be the best facility in mid-Missouri and construction is well underway.




There are many goals for our new location – the main being that we continue to grow organically and evolve in our very unique style of CrossFit, all while staying true to our core beliefs. With the move, we are emphasizing that we will continue to invest in the most important resources we have – that is you, our members.

While we’re not quite ready to share all the details, we do want to let you know a rough timeline. With all the demolition and construction going on, we are aiming for a target date of early to mid-July for the move. You read that right; it’s coming up VERY soon! We will continue to tease and update you with videos and pictures throughout the process. I sincerely hope you are all as excited as we are for the new direction!

Lastly, this project is and was an unbelievable undertaking. To say I was out of my element is no understatement. In absolutely no way could this have been completed by one person. I want to thank all of those closest to the project that have been a sounding board along the way, specifically our Fringe Management team of Angelo, Stout, and Jess; my parents Ray and Susan; and the man that truly made all this possible, Jason Thornhill.

Here’s to the Summer of 2016 and a new Fringe home,

Warmest regards,